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  • RunningFI

Pick up the Pace

Get a competitive edge on the racecourse this season with our expert-created 8-week training program for your best 10K ever. For anyone who’s into short-distance running, the thrill of the 10K [...]

  • 0-ShannonWorkout-FI

Moves for Strong Shoulders, Arms & Abs

Fitness model and STRONG May/June cover athlete, Shannon Prasarn loves to change up her workouts between the weight room, functional training and plyo. But no […]

  • 20150501OneRepFI

Feats of Strength

Here’s a question: How strong are you? Sure, you hit the gym with your straps and pull off six to eight reps of some heavy lifts. But unless you can put a definitive [...]

Cover Athletes

  • ShannonPrasarn-FI

Cover Athlete Insider: Shannon Prasarn

If you’ve been looking for a story of triumph to help get you motivated, look no further than Shannon Prasarn. Seven years ago, the seemingly perfect life of our May/June cover athlete was turned upside down...


  • EkaterinaLeadFI

Ekaterina Solovieva

Long distance runner Ekaterina Solovieva has clocked thousands of obstacle course miles and is determined to continue dominating her sport—even […]

  • StacieVenagroWeb

Stacie Venagro

To become a professionally ranked competitor in the Fitness category takes more than an incredible body. Once hugely popular in […]

  • ElenaHight-FI

Elena Hight

Not many 16-year olds can say they know what it feels like to be part of the US Olympic team, […]

  • LaurenSesselman-FI

Lauren Sesselman

Lauren Sesselmann is on a mission. Despite nursing a torn ACL, the Houston Dash defender and member of the Canadian […]

Buff Bites

  • ChocolateChipProteinPancakes-FI

Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

Pancake mix from a box was fine when you were a kid, but now that […]

  • Oatmeal-FI

Strawberry Chai-Spiced Oatmeal

Oatmeal may have been ordinary 10 years ago, but these days, it’s a fitness lover’s […]


  • Veggies-FI-1

5 Vegetarian Recipes for Athletes

Fitness buffs love their protein, but chicken breasts aren’t everyone’s go-to source for this muscle-building […]

  • Chili-FI

Speedy Muscle-Building Chili

If you’re a fan of meals that come in a bowl, you’ll probably agree that […]