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  • Yoga5

Yoga Poses to Beat Stress

Almost every one of us suffers from some degree of stress and anxiety from time to time (or maybe even all the time). Practicing a few simple yoga postures daily...
  • 7MinShred_014780

7-Minute Home Workouts

We’ve got you covered with these three bodyweight workouts you can do anywhere in less than 10 minutes.
  • BattleRopes1c

5 Benefits of Battle Ropes

If you want to get whipped into shape, look no further than a set of ropes. These bad boys improve your fitness in every way.

Cover Athletes

  • EmilieFI

Emilie Provencher’s Rules for a Wicked Bod

There’s no two ways about it: Fitness model and champion competitor Emilie Provencher has one of the best bods in the biz (just take a look at our November/December cover if you need proof).


  • DawnHarper-Lead-

Going for Gold

How a two-time Olympic medalist trains physically and mentally to secure her spot on the track in Rio.
  • Ingrid_FI

Ingrid Kleinig

Explosions. High speed car chases. Fights with Vin Diesel. For stuntwoman Ingrid Kleinig, it’s just another day at the office.
  • PaigeFT

Paige Alms

Paige Alms isn’t your average surf Betty. Haven’t heard of her? Read on. You won’t be able to stop Googling […]

Buff Bites

  • SalmonFI

Almond Crusted Salmon with Sweet & Sour Slaw

When you don't want to splurge on a greasy meal, this healthy swap hits it out of the park. It delivers tons of amazing flavor...
  • BrusselsSprouts-by-Anna-Hoychuk_187619564

Cranberry Apple Brussels Sprouts

A sweet twist on your favorite seasonal side dish.


  • TipsforSleep-Lead

6 Tips for the Best Sleep of Your Life

You know that feeling when you are so exhausted but your hamster wheel won’t stop turning with the day’s events, and your never-ending to-do list?
  • OrganHealth-Lead1

4 Body Parts You Shouldn’t Ignore

As modern women, we know that not only does physical activity make us look hot in a tight dress, but it also wards off some pretty terrible diseases.


  • HolidayDesserts-Lead-2

Healthy Holiday Desserts

Whether your dinner guests are watching their waistlines or suffer from food intolerances, they shouldn’t have to skip dessert!
  • PBU_1098_web1

Diet Tweaks to Burn More Fat

Transforming your body into a fat-burning machine takes more than just regular visits to the weight room.
  • Vegetarian-Recipes-Lead1

3 Antioxidant-Packed Vegetarian Recipes

A plate bursting with brightly hued foods is a clear sign that you’re about to dig into a dish packed with nutrients.
  • Bacon Wrapped Egg Cups

3 Healthy Bacon Recipes

Your love of bacon doesn’t have to be limited to cheat meals and special occasions. Here’s how: Go the extra mile to find cuts [...]