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Fire Up Your Metabolism in 25 Minutes

This fast-paced, full-body circuit will crank up your metabolism and incinerate calories.
  • Mood Boosting Workout

6 Moves To Beat The Winter Blues

If you’re one of many people that suffers from weather-related sluggishness or depression this time of year, fitness may be your best medicine!
  • Yoga5

Yoga Poses to Beat Stress

Almost every one of us suffers from some degree of stress and anxiety from time to time (or maybe even all the time). Practicing a few simple yoga postures daily...

Cover Athletes

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Cover Athlete Insider: Amber Dodzweit

Think a body like this one means hours in the gym and nothing but chicken and broccoli? Try again...


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Going for Gold

How a two-time Olympic medalist trains physically and mentally to secure her spot on the track in Rio.
  • Ingrid_FI

Ingrid Kleinig

Explosions. High speed car chases. Fights with Vin Diesel. For stuntwoman Ingrid Kleinig, it’s just another day at the office.
  • PaigeFT

Paige Alms

Paige Alms isn’t your average surf Betty. Haven’t heard of her? Read on. You won’t be able to stop Googling […]


  • Scale

6 Strategies to Smash Your Health and Fitness Goals

It’s mid-January. By now, you should be over your holiday hangover and back into the swing of things. And if we know you, you’ve been busy planning...
  • Meditation

5 Powerful Practices to Strengthen Your Mental Muscle

Your mind is like a muscle: If you don’t train it, it will only become weaker. So in the same way...


  • SmokyBaconGuacamole

Our Favorite Snacks for the Big Game

It’s an indisputable fact that sports and snacks just go together, and there’s no better cheat day than Superbowl Sunday.
  • JicamaFries

Baked Jicama Frites

A food that satisfies your craving and fits a healthy diet? Mais oui! These homemade bistro-style jicama frites are totally worth the extra effort...