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The 7 Best Minimal-Equipment Exercises

Bodyweight and simple dumbbell exercises are often overlooked and undervalued, especially among gym junkies.

  • Hamstrings

7 Exercises for Stronger Glutes & Hamstrings

Develop stronger hamstrings and glutes with this unique lower body circuit routine.

The 30-Minute Full-Body Workout

For years, coaches and trainers have preached that low-impact cardio was the way to fat loss, but it’s time to set the record straight.

The 4 Best Outdoor Workouts for Fall

While for some, the end of summer signifies that it’s time to move their outdoor exercise into the gym, it should be a time for fitness enthusiasts to enjoy cooler temperatures.

The Stress Less Workout

We’ve put together an all-encompassing stress-busting routine that will have you clearing your mind while you work your body.

Lower Body Resistance Band Workout

This resistance band workout has you covered. It may not be the heavy squats and lunges you’re used to, but this routine will have your booty burning.

Cover Athletes

Cover Athlete Insider: Shawn Towne

Written by Kirstyn Brown | Photography by Paul Buceta Shawn Towne chose a path traveled by many women before her. A university graduate and graphic designer, she left the workforce in her [...]

Trainer Tips
  • Post Baby Body

Your Post-Baby Body

If you’re a new mom, it can be easy to feel pressured to get back to your pre-baby shape...

Six Overrated Exercises It’s Time to Quit

Just because some exercises have stood the test of time, doesn’t mean they’re effective. Six experts reveal which exercises they’d like to see die off.

  • Midori-Rutledge resting on barbell

The Healthy Way to Train Twice a Day

For some, the solution to staying fit with a packed schedule may be to split daily workouts into two, such as one in the morning and one after work, a method known in fitness as “two-a-days.”


Expert Tips for Feeling Happier This Season

As our moods dip along with the temperature, it’s easy to get pretty bummed out. There is no better time to get connected to your body and lifestyle goals.

4 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong at Any Age

No matter what your age, there will always be some challenges to face and obstacles to overcome. But with these challenges come opportunities to develop and grow.


Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Honey Roasted Chestnuts and Herb Oil

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Rabin | Photography by Paul Buceta There [...]

Brussels Sprouts with Capers, Golden Raisins & Pine Nuts

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Rabin  | Photography by Paul Buceta People [...]

Grilled Lemon-Honey Glazed Salmon with Fennel & Apple Slaw

You probably already know that Omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in salmon, [...]