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STRONG Transformation Challenge 2021

Over the years our challenges have helped thousands of women transform their mind and body. This is your opportunity to work really hard and achieve your health & fitness goals – with a community of like minded women. And you have the chance to win a seriously incredible prize package!




Need Some Help in the Digestion Department? Read This

Whether you’re training for strength or just consider yourself a fitness enthusiast, if you’re invested in health and fitness, chances are, you’ve made a...


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Are you fending off mom stress by popping a cork? Why it may be wise to push back against mommy wine culture, and instead find healthier ways to cope.

How the Pandemic Set Back Gender Equality by 36 Years

With 2.4 million American women leaving the workforce in the past year, experts say COVID-19 could set women back decades in their fight for gender equality.

How Callie Bundy Squashes Negativity

Plus, her real-talk advice for women in sports.

Sweating in Support: Supply India with Oxygen During Your Next Workout

MyYogaTeacher is partnering up with GiveIndia to donate 100 percent of yoga class proceeds to supply oxygen to those battling to breathe in India amidst the height of the coronavirus.

How to Encourage Your Kids to Be Active

New studies suggest childhood habits could dictate fitness habits well into adulthood.
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