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This Lower Body HIIT Workout Will Kick Your Butt

Time to trade in your monotonous steady state cardio workouts for more high-intensity interval training.

The Workout for Seriously Strong Abs

These seven unique moves will wake up every square inch of your abdominals, especially your transverse abdominu...

I Did An Orangetheory Workout. Here’s What Happened.

In case you’re unfamiliar, Orangetheory Fitness is the latest craze in group exercise...

The 7 Best Minimal-Equipment Exercises

Bodyweight and simple dumbbell exercises are often overlooked and undervalued, especially among gym junkies.

  • Hamstrings

7 Exercises for Stronger Glutes & Hamstrings

Develop stronger hamstrings and glutes with this unique lower body circuit routine.

The 30-Minute Full-Body Workout

For years, coaches and trainers have preached that low-impact cardio was the way to fat loss, but it’s time to set the record straight.

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5 Reasons Ashley Horner is a Total Boss

As the owner of multiple businesses, head of her own brand, a multi-sponsored fitness personality, and a mother of three, Ashley Horner is the straight-up CEO of her life. An entrepreneur from the age of 23, [...]

Trainer Tips

How to Prioritize Your Fitness Goals

Ever feel like when it comes to fitness, you just want it all? A massive personal best on your squat, and at the same time those turtle shell abs.

  • Post Baby Body

Your Post-Baby Body

If you’re a new mom, it can be easy to feel pressured to get back to your pre-baby shape, with so many women on Instagram flaunting tight abs just weeks after giving birth...

Six Overrated Exercises It’s Time to Quit

Just because some exercises have stood the test of time, doesn’t mean they’re effective. Six experts reveal...


5 Ways to Shape Up Your Heart

Let’s be real: when you’re sweating in the gym, between sets of presses and rows, you’re likely not thinking about your heart health.

How to Detox Without Actually Detoxing

So it’s a brand a new year and like many fit-minded optimists, you want to give your body a fresh start...

  • Barley, Cauliflower & Almond Risotto

Barley, Cauliflower & Almond “Risotto”

Whether you lean toward a low-carb diet or you're just trying to cram more veggies into your life, cauliflower is a satisfying substitute for, well, just about anything.

White Bean, Pear, and Celeriac Soup

It may not be pretty to look at, but with an impressive nutrient profile and low-carb content, celeriac root is worth giving a chance.

3 Meals That Help Fight the Flu

When it comes to your immune system, being an active woman can work for [...]