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Day 1: The 5 W’s

This is a journey of self-awareness and self-improvement. We will start the challenge  with a very powerful exercise known as The 5 W’s. This is a common exercise for problem solving. This is where we are going to set the foundation of the Challenge.

For todays exercises you will need a minimum of 30 minutes. Find a quiet place where you feel safe, bring your pen, journal, and an open mind.

In your journal take the time to answer these questions. It can be in point form or in paragraphs. This exercise is for you, so really think about it and dig into these questions. You deserve this 30 minutes of reflection.


WHY are deciding that right now is the time to change anything?

WHY are you motivated right now to improve your nutritional habits? (Answer a minimum of 6 reasons WHY you want to take on this Challenge)

WHO is involved in your WHY? Are these changes for you? Are they for someone else?

Really take time on this question.

When you believe in yourself and believe that you deserve and can accomplish your goal you will achieve it every single time. It may take a week, a month, or even a year but you will achieve it because it was for you! If you find that you sabotage yourself and have tried to achieve the same goal over and over again with no luck then maybe you didn’t believe you deserved it, and maybe you didn’t really want it for you. (Beside you WHY answers write down who the WHY is for then take a moment to reflect on WHO this Challenge is for).

WHAT is success? Success is a very general term but we all have some measure that we gauge success by. Is it a friend? A parent? A celebrity? Money? For this challenge in particular write out what success means for improvement of your nutritional habits and understanding. Is success a weight loss goal? Is it fitting into your favourite jeans that have now become a little snug? Whatever it is write it out, then write it again four more times. If during one of those times writing it down you change your mind on what it is write that new definition that came across your mind. Once you can write it down five times without changing your mind you have your current definition of success for this Challenge.

WHEN do you want to start? Are you ready to start right now, right this moment? Or do  you think you are ready to start … maybe you like the idea of starting right now but will  be ready on Monday. Write out when you are ready to start and commit to that date  whole heartedly as a promise to yourself that you cannot break. (If you are not ready to commit look back on your WHY’s and WHO’s to see if you can understand why you are not ready to commit today)

click here to download the strong 14 day challenge