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  • ScreenHunter 163

    Digital – STRONG Vol 6. Issue 33 – March 2019 – Amber Dodzweit

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  • strong-mag-cover

    Digital – STRONG Vol 6. Issue 32 – January 2019 – Kelsey Wells

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  • racheldavis

    Digital – STRONG Vol 6. Issue 31 – November 2018 2018 – Rachel Davis

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  • Kira

    Digital – STRONG Vol 5. Issue 30 – September 2018 – Kira Stokes

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Take Your Run from the Treadmill to the Trails

Looking for the ultimate runner’s high? Then it’s time to get outside and hit the trails.



I’m an athlete who just happens to be blind.

Her vision has been deteriorating over the course of her life, but it doesn’t stop Brittany Culp from achieving whatever she puts her mind to.

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