Are You Camera-Ready? STRONG Photographer Paul Buceta Is Coming to Your City!

Many of our readers aspire to appear in the pages of STRONG Fitness Magazine and wonder how they can do it. It all starts with professional pictures. Having high-quality photos that are interesting, inspiring, and relevant is key to creating the kind of content that’s shared with our audience. And this may be your chance to take some. Spring/summer is shoot season. STRONG Founder and Director of Photography Paul Buceta is often on the road during April to August doing photoshoots all across North America. 

Is your training and nutrition on point and you want to capture your hard work and dedication to building your best body? Do you want to celebrate what’s beautiful and brilliant about your life with stunning photos? Are you interested in reaching thousands of women with your story? Or spreading the word about your expertise/services? Check out Paul’s shoot schedule to see if he’ll be working in your area, and if so, send a note to see if he has availability to book you. 

Paul shoots all of our covers and many of the images that appear in the pages of each issue. That’s because as a veteran in the industry and an incredibly talented artist, Paul is renowned for capturing the best, unparalleled images of everyone he works with… but you don’t have to take our word for it. You’ve seen his work, and you know.

STRONG 2023 Spring/Summer Shoot Schedule

April 26-28: 

Las Vegas, NV 

April 14:

Saratoga Springs, NY

April 29-May 2:

Las Vegas, NV

May 2-5:

Las Vegas NV

June 2:

Olympia, WA

June 4-5: 

Calgary, AB

June 21-25: 

Las Vegas, NV

August 19-20: 

Vancouver, BC

September 22: 

Miramichi, NB 

October 27:

Chandler, AZ