We dare you to take on our one-month fitness challenge in the SFM digital Training Guide. The stakes? Improved strength, agility, and body composition—oh, and big time bragging rights.

Our digital Training Guide isn’t for just anyone. It is for the woman who wants a little more from a fitness publication than what’s available on newsstands or on the web. She wants next-level training routines that will teach her techniques that push her body in new ways. She wants cutting-edge, science-backed nutrition information that she can use to improve her health and fuel her lifestyle. She wants advice from leading industry experts that don’t just talk the talk, but live and breathe their work each and every day. This Training Guide contains all of those things in a tight package—no fluff, no BS—wrapped in powerful imagery to keep you motivated all month long.

To prove we mean business, we’re kicking off our inaugural bi-monthly Training Guide with the advanced one-month program on page 12. It’s 31 days of high-intensity strength training and conditioning that will tear you out of your comfort zone and take your fitness to the next level. You can get started this month and end the year with a bang, or use it to jumpstart the New Year in January. No matter when you decide to take on this challenge, push yourself. We admit, the first workout—100 burpees—may seem insane at first, but seize the opportunity to find out what you’re made of.

And keep us posted. Use your social media pages to share your results, post selfies, show off your progress, and even call out your fit friends, with the hashtag #mySTRONGchallenge.

We made our Training Guide unique, because you are anything but average. You wake up a little earlier, stay longer in the gym, turn down the free doughnuts in the break room and keep protein powder in your handbag. We hope this guide not only helps drive your commitment to a fit lifestyle, but also celebrates it. You’ve earned it.

Kirstyn Brown

STRONG Fitness
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