STRONG Transformation Challenge [Winners Announced]

Fitness Transformation Challenge 

A 12 Week Challenge to Help You Get Strong in Mind & Body.

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“I’ve learned that no amount of hard work, focus, and determination goes unrewarded. I woke up at 5:00 am every morning and hit the gym where I was surrounded by like minded people all working hard to reach their own personal goals. With the help of Strong magazine, a nutritionist, and a solid gym I was able to work on my eating and exercise habits. In three months, I dropped 9% body fat and four pant sizes. When I look in the mirror I can hardly believe it’s me. About a month into the challenge my husband couldn’t stand the fact that I was losing more inches than him and gaining muscle in areas I had never seen. He started working out with me every morning. Now it’s our time together to focus, work on ourselves, and then take care of our family. More than anything I am proud of the work ethic and determination that has rubbed off on my two young girls. They ask to go to the youth sports training classes at our gym and when I catch them looking in the mirror they are comparing muscles,…not imperfections. I am proud of myself and how far I’ve come in just 12 weeks. I can’t wait to see where this new fitness journey takes me. I feel strong. I feel proud. I feel determined. Thank you STRONG magazine for the motivation to do things just a little differently!”

Danae Peirce

2nd to 5th Place (in no particular order)

“This challenge has been so successful and fun for me. The planned workouts and the meal ideas were simple and easy to follow. All of the instruction gave me the confidence in my workouts and planned results and I think it made me work harder because I knew I could succeed. I was back in the gym 2 weeks after having my baby, ran my first 5km race at 6 weeks postpartum and I felt like I had enough energy to anything I wanted! It was such a good feeling. I’ve learned that I’m capable of anything I put my mind to and if you put in the extra work in on educating yourself, changing up your routine and putting extra time into planning and being organized it makes all of the difference. I’m going to continue to set goals and do the work. Thank you so much to the Strong Fitness team for all of your hard work and inspiration. I’m so glad I did this!”

Victoria Harris

“I am grateful to have the past 12 weeks of my transformation journey documented in pictures/posts on instagram. WOW !!! What a JOURNEY !!! I have learned that a positive mindset is the key to CHANGE !!! ” BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE”. CONSISTENCY with my workouts and meal plan are the reason I was able to transform my body. This past 12 weeks has made me realize that as I worked so hard to transform my physical body, in the process this also resulted in a positive change internally. I joined this challenge with the mindset that I was going to give the next 12 weeks everything I have … and I did . I am proud of my accomplishments. I can say that I achieved becoming “The Best Version of Myself at 56′ . I am grateful for the opportunity this 12 week challenge gave me to become STRONGER in MIND, BODY & SOUL!!!”

Torraine Sarro

“During the past 12 weeks I have learned that I’m really great at failing, but I’m even better at not giving up. I’ve learned that to the best mom of 3, wife and business owner I NEED to make time for me. The gym is MY time. It’s the place that makes me feel powerful and beautiful.  I’m always first to judge myself or to tell myself that I’m not doing good enough or that I am not enough and during this challenge I tried really hard to erase those horrible mean thoughts out of my mind.  October was hard and rough those negative thoughts were taking over and were leading me down that scary road. I reached out to people who inspire me in the fitness world and their encouragement and inspiration helped me focus and get back on track.  Injuries happen but I learnt to adapt my workouts so that I could continue to workout without more injury…… before i would have just gave up until I felt better again that that would be like starting back at square one. Im very thankful to the strong transformation and the community of amazing people who stand behind the brand. Thanks so much.”


“I learned so much about my body exercise and the strength I never knew I could have. I will continue on this journey of fitness and love every minute of it. Fitness and bodybuilding isn’t just for 20 year olds. Even us seasoned women can be fit and strong and built! I love it!​”

Patricia Piazza

6th to 10th Place (in no particular order)

“This has been amazing. I have learned a lot more about disciplined food intake and have found that tracking my food was one of the best eye openers. This challenge gave me drive and accountability. I have accomplished so much. Gained a tone of strength even though my weight loss was only 5 pounds, My composition has changed so much and people have actually mentioned that I look great and think I have lost weight. I learned a great deal about myself and my confidence and found that the more dedicated I am in the gym, the more confident I am with daily life. Not that I didn’t already know this, but it is so easy to forget. This challenge was exactly what I needed. I can’t wait for the January challenge! As a personal trainer, this has inspired me and I am motivated to put this energy towards my clients. I am going to bring my clients with me into the next challenge so they can experience the support, motivation and experience with me. Thank You so much for this opportunity. Best of luck to all those who took part in this challenge.”

Lindsay Russell

“This challenge was hard since I didn’t realize how much of an emotional eater I was till I started the challenge. I loved all the resources and magazines I had access to it helped a lot on days I was struggling to get motivation to get up and work out. I am glad I was in the challenge to since I had a horrible time the last month after a tragedy happened in our family being in the challenge stopped me from just binging for weeks. It gave me drive and focus even if my pics don’t look much different my clothes fit better and I have so much more energy. I can also do regular pushups now at the start of the challenge I couldnt do one. Thank you I will keep going I’m down 22.5lbs and can’t wait to see how much more I change in another month!!”

Amanda Wyllie

“I’ve learned that it’s always hard to stay on top of training, especially with 3 kids. BUT there is always the chance to get a workout in, even if it means a 3 year old climbs all over you while trying to get your push ups done. Uninterrupted morning coffee for a mom is cathartic, but so are deadlifts!

I’ve also learned that it’s ok for those times that “life does get in the way”. My journey isn’t nearly as successfull as I’d like it to be until this point, but I take it one day at a time, and push myself to try harder and reach further than the last time;  I’ve learned that is enough.​”

Samantha Hamilton

“What I learned is with hard work, dedication you can accomplish your goals, and it’s not easy. I know I have to stick to a plan but if I fall a little I can get right back up and continue on my journey. I proved to myself that health and fitness is a lifestyle and it feels really good to have chosen this as my lifestyle. I also learned it’s one day at a time. I’m a work in progress and have more goals to reach and prove to myself no matter age I can do this.​”

Shelley Clark

“The last 12 weeks didn’t exactly go as planned. Life happens, and I found myself trying to accomplish this challenge and balance the rest of my life. So, it wasn’t perfect – or more to the point, I wasn’t perfect. But today is the first time I’ve compared pictures, and there is definitely change. Lesson #1, perfection isn’t necessary to make progress. Lesson #2, listen to my coach! Her advice didn’t change over the last 12 weeks, but my consistency in following her advice did.
I also realized that pride and self-criticism has been the basis for a lot of decisions on this journey. That approach really set me back. I’m ready to admit that there are some exercises that I’m not ready to do with additional weight. Body weight is more than enough. And there’s no shame in 5lb dumbbells.”

Sarah Zate

Honorable Mention

“I have learned to LOVE lifting heavier, and to split my cardio and strength workouts up for the best results. The diet portion was by far the most challenging for me. I learned how to time my meals better and balance macro nutrients too.”

Tanya Fairchild

Here are the Prizes

Grand Prize Winner – 1st Place

  • Feature inside STRONG Fitness Mag ($1500 value)

  • 3 year print subscription to STRONG Fitness Mag ($75 value)

  • DynaPro home workout gift pack ($138 value)

  • Lifetime access to our STRONG training center ($500 value)

  • STRONG tank and STRONG cap ($60 value)

  • Free pass for a STRONGCAMP ($295 value)

Women Fitness Training 

Includes: 65cm Exercise Ball, Set of 3 Resistance Bands, Set of Mini Bands, Green & Black Powerband, Black Powerband, Jump rope, Door anchor.

Prizes – 2nd to 5th Place

  • 1 year print subscription to STRONG Fitness Mag ($25 value)

  • Lifetime access to our STRONG training center ($500 value)

  • STRONG tank and STRONG cap ($60 value)

  • 50% off a STRONGCAMP ($150 value)

Prizes – 6th to 10th Place

  • 1 year print subscription to STRONG Fitness Mag ($25 value)

  • Lifetime access to our STRONG training center ($500 value)

  • 50% off a STRONGCAMP ($150 value)

Fitness Transformation Challenge 

A 12 Week Challenge to Help You Get Strong in Mind & Body.


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