STRONG Transformation Challenge 2 [Winners Announced]

Fitness Transformation Challenge 

A 12 Week Challenge to Help You Get Strong in Mind & Body.

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“I set out a goal to motivate my family to get healthy. I realized I couldn’t do this by telling them, so I started my own fitness journey and they all joined in. After injuring my back a little over a year ago, I got so discouraged and started eating unhealthy and in return my family started all the bad habits again. This time around, I plan on sticking to the goal. I want a healthy family and the only way to keep it that way is to push through all negative situations and stay focused for them.”

Candace Lawson

2nd to 5th Place (in no particular order)

“Prior to this challenge, I had spent 4 months in significant pain, getting deeper into frustration on a daily basis. I’ve always loved fitness and I couldn’t figure out why my body was no longer allowing me to lift weights and stay active. Every little bit of activity would bring on horrible migraines and neck pain. Even lifting my toddlers into their car seats could bring on days of severe head pain. I would spend multiple days in bed unable to function because of the pain. I knew I had to figure out what was going on and get a handle on my health so that I could resume the life I loved. To make a long story short, I prayed for answers and I firmly believe that God gave me answers through this challenge. I discovered through blood tests, that I more than likely have an autoimmune disease (still waiting to see a rheumatologist). But what is so cool that I learned over the last 12 weeks, is that it is completely manageable through nutrition! My eating was not good before I started and I changed that 100% for the challenge. I eliminated processed foods, dairy except for the occasional small amount of plain Greek yoghurt, wheat and almost all sugar. My pain and severe fatigue vanished. I didn’t have a single headache and all muscle pain went away. Once the challenge ended, I thought maybe I could relax a bit and allowed a few days off of my strict diet. This was a bad idea and further confirmed the fact that proper nutrition is an absolute necessity in order to continue to feel good. I’m so beyond thankful that I had this opportunity to take this challenge because it led to the discovery of how to heal my body without the use of medications and led to an even further interest in learning more in the field of nutrition. Thank you! “

Talia Gasbarre

“I was looking at the progress pictures and I am floored! I see my body everyday and I did not realize that such a change had occurred. Even if I don’t win, I feel so different now. I feel happier, healthier and overall more confident. I am going to take the eating habits that I have learned and motivational support of the Strong Facebook group to try to continue living a happier and healthier lifestyle. ”

Jessica Nightingale

“This has been an incredible challenge. I lost 12 pounds and 10.5 inches. I am really pleased with my results and will keep it going with diet and exercise. I have also been inspired during this workout to earn my Group Fitness Instructor Certification and will begin working on that in May. “

Shannon Donaghey

“I’ve decreased inches, fat percentage and weight. The Strong Fitness Transformation Challenge Facebook page and Strong Fitness Website provided me with tools, inspiration and support. I have a ways to go to achieve my goals, but I embrace me for who I am today. What became apparent to me after joining this challenge, is how supportive women can be, helping others reach their goals, when you open up about your struggles or your successes. It was great to see. We are all in this together, with different battles, and together we fight to the end for ourselves and for each other. Finally, I’m super pumped to have registered for a STRONGCAMP in Barrie in September as a Birthday gift to myself. My next goal is to get stronger and leaner so I can fully participate and enjoy my time at STRONGCAMP. Can’t wait! “

Kathy Svalina

6th to 10th Place (in no particular order)

“While I didn’t get as far as I wanted due to health issues, I did accomplish a few things. I ran my first 5k and finished under my goal time of 28 mins (even signed up for a second 5k in May). Lost some inches and definitely gained a lot of strength. I rediscovered the ATHLETE that has been buried for too long. Signing up for this challenge pushed me way out of my comfort zone and made it so I’m okay with being uncomfortable, which to me is priceless.”

Patricia Barnes

“This challenge has brought me to a whole new level in my nutrition. I was able to lose weight the right way this time. My goal now is to build muscle. I am looking forward to the next challenge to see how I can transform my body, now that I have lost most of the weight. Thank you Strong Team for all your support! “

Lulu Berg

“Hello. I joined the challenge to hold myself accountable and follow a good diet. I am someone who loves to workout, but I also love to eat & because I workout – I’m ALWAYS hungry. For several years now I’ve been committed to Sunday food prep, however my food prep was focused only on M-F leaving my weekends “unsupervised.” Friday was movie & binge on popcorn night & Saturday was drink & binge on whatever I could find night. Using the 12 week challenge as motivation, I started prepping twice a week Sunday & Thursday – keeping me on track through the weekend. I stopped drinking regularly, only drinking once, throughout the entire 12 weeks. I was lucky to have a friend who provided me great tips, encouragement, & took my pictures at my two week check-ins. The pictures were truly the most motivating and eye opening part of my journey. It wasn’t until the tenth week that I saw real results. Speaking of results, I started the challenge at 130.8 lbs. 26.7% body fat. At the end of the challenge, I was 119.8 lbs and my body fat was 19.4%. I lost 3.75 inches off my midsection (bellybutton) and almost as much around my chest. My biggest takeaway and lessons learned from my 12 weeks was – consistency works. You need to eat right day after day, week after week (more than 4.5 days a week, like I was doing prior to the challenge) & you can’t ‘out exercise’ a bad diet. I also learned that along with consistency you must practice patience. It takes time for your body to lose the fat & time for your body to adjust & transform. Thank you for the opportunity to participate – I’m truly thrilled with my results. “

Lisa Zolman

“I have had a slow progress thru the last 12 weeks, but it’s been amazing experience. I have gotten stronger then I have ever been. I have met a lot of amazing women, hoping to push forward to my next challenge. With a lot of drama going on in my life, I found the gym to be my save haven! I was hoping to do better but unfortunately life just got in the way. But I am doing push ups, sit ups and a lot more exercising I couldn’t do 12 weeks ago. I even sat on a big 450 dirt bike and started it (takes a lot of leg strength to do that ) and I am only 4’11”. Thanks you for this challenge! I may not win this but I know I am a winner because I have gotten stronger got healthier and my son has actually joined in too! I am much happier then I was 12 weeks ago! So I did win.  ​”

Carrie Brown

Honestly I debated about posting my final pics. This challenge was a struggle! I started strong but let life interfere. I was busy with my kids and stressed out beyond belief (to the point where I was just in a funk and so unmotivated in every aspect of my life). In the last month something clicked – I began hitting the gym again and downloaded the Calm app that was mentioned in the last issue of Strong Fintess Magazine. I really credit the activity with pulling me out of my funk! I might not have had a huge physical transformation but have had a big mental transformation over the past month. I have learned that even though I can’t control everything, I can do little things, like getting my workouts in, that make big impacts on how I feel. My transformation inside and out doesn’t end here! I feel like I have gained a different perspective and motivation to keep going! “

Amy Derbowka

Here are the Prizes

Grand Prize Winner – 1st Place

  • Feature inside STRONG Fitness Mag ($1500 value)

  • 3 year print subscription to STRONG Fitness Mag ($75 value)

  • DynaPro home workout gift pack ($138 value)

  • Lifetime access to our STRONG training center ($500 value)

  • STRONG tank and STRONG cap ($60 value)

  • Free pass for a STRONGCAMP ($295 value)

Women Fitness Training 

Includes: 65cm Exercise Ball, Set of 3 Resistance Bands, Set of Mini Bands, Green & Black Powerband, Black Powerband, Jump rope, Door anchor.

Prizes – 2nd to 5th Place

  • 1 year print subscription to STRONG Fitness Mag ($25 value)

  • Lifetime access to our STRONG training center ($500 value)

  • STRONG tank and STRONG cap ($60 value)

  • 50% off a STRONGCAMP ($150 value)

Prizes – 6th to 10th Place

  • 1 year print subscription to STRONG Fitness Mag ($25 value)

  • Lifetime access to our STRONG training center ($500 value)

  • 50% off a STRONGCAMP ($150 value)

Fitness Transformation Challenge 

A 12 Week Challenge to Help You Get Strong in Mind & Body.

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