STRONG Transformation Challenge 3 [Winners Announced]

Fitness Transformation Challenge 

A 12 Week Challenge to Help You Get Strong in Mind & Body.

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It’s amazing what a difference 3 months can make! I am down about 15 pounds and (more excitingly!) 17.5 INCHES!

In my before picture I was stressed, not sleeping and probably a bit depressed and coping with food. (I had gotten married, bought and renovated a house AND changed jobs – I was a ball of stress and it showed.) The “after” girl STILL struggles with ALL of those things but feels more confident in her ability to fight the urge to binge eat. Losing weight doesn’t solve all your problems – but this challenge has helped me learn better coping mechanisms that aren’t eating a whole pizza.

One thing that made my challenge successful was not going “all in” right away. I’ve tried that in the past and I failed. The first two weeks I focused on quitting my soda habit. Once I had that under control, I started chipping away at other unhealthy habits and working in exercise. This made it far more manageable and less daunting to me.

One thing I did was a weekly cheat meal. Every Sunday I’d make a big ol’ bowl of pasta and drink a Dr. Pepper. I’d eat the whole thing and not feel a bit of guilt. Knowing I had my favorite cheat meal every week helped me avoid the office snack pitfalls. If I cheated during the week, it meant no pasta and soda on Sunday!

Through this challenge, I’ve also rediscovered my love for exercise and fitness – I’m starting to feel like myself again. I learned to make fitness and “Me” time a priority. I feel so much better when I carve out 45 minutes for myself and get my workout done.

What I really liked about this challenge and what made a difference to me was that there was not a strict workout plan to follow. There were suggestions – but it was up to me. Other challenges I’ve done have been strict and the second I missed a day, I felt off track and it completely derailed me. I loved that this challenge felt like “choose your own adventure”.

I think I’ve signed up for 7+ challenges in my life and this is the first “after” pic I’ve ever taken/submitted. My main goal was just to finish this challenge and I’m super happy with my results so far!

My big goal for 2019 is I want to compete in a fitness competition. I will turn 33 in November so I want to step on the stage before then! I know I’ve got a lot of work to do, but this challenge was the perfect kickstart for me.

I cannot thank STRONG magazine and especially Kari Leonard for all of the support along the way. The community has been great and super helpful. Thank you for helping me change my life!

Katie Foley

2nd to 5th Place (in no particular order)

“I am so grateful for this challenge- it came at the right time and was exactly what I needed. I was able to stop eating sugar completely, lose 16 lbs (and counting) and learn an immense amount about the right nutrition and balance of healthy fats/proteins/low starchy carbs, etc. I enjoyed exercising before, but now I love it and even miss working out on my off day. I have enjoyed seeing all the examples of strong women and consider myself to be among them (or at least on my way to be!). Thank you for igniting the spark I needed, especially during this time of year and thank you for the opportunity and community!” 🙂

Amy Carpentieri

“In 3 months I’ve learned that ‘what gets measured gets managed’ – there is nothing like taking photos and leaning into a plan to get some results.”

Jennifer Honey

“I learned a lot about discipline, motivation, and the value of a support system. My goal thru this challenge was to be in the magazine and that was my motivation to get thru the toughest workouts, push myself further than I ever have, and stick to my eating plan. These last 12 weeks have been hard, I learned a lot about myself and am so grateful for my supportive husband and 2 kids to cheer me on. I am using this challenge as a stepping stone to continue my fitness journey, make a new goal and crush it!”

Stacy Purdom

“Meal plan, Meal plan Meal plan!!! Tonnes of work but well worth it! Not having to decide on an empty stomach changes the snacking habit. I gained appreciation for people who have rockin’ bodies, clearly have years of dedication to get there.
Good experience, it was enough to kickstart me in the journey of healthy eating and excercise!!”

Louise Kienapple

6th to 10th Place (in no particular order)

“Listening to my body was the most important part of this challenge. Being excited to actually to have a routine was the second part.

I noticed my strength and stamina increased. Most of all I seen a transformation in my mindset.
I know What works for me now and I also know what doesn’t feel good for my body.

After doing this challenge I realize how much I’m capable of doing.
I will definitely be furthering a better healthy lifestyle for the newcoming year!”

Lynn Belanger

“I learned good habits take time to form. Waking up at 6:00am is not quite as difficulty when you don’t have to put contacts in or warm up your car. I love working out in the comfort of my own home before anyone else is awake.”

Laura Hodne

“This challenge has taught me discipline and responsibility. Eating and committing to a routine of workouts and meal preps were my goals at the very beginning of this challenge. Although I don’t have the GAINS that I pictured I would have at the end, I feel so much better and I LOVE my progress. I maintained my weight of 150lbs but I can see and feel the difference. This was the kickstart I needed! Thank you STRONG team for this amazing opportunity and your support.”

Destinee Bivins

“For me, the hardest part and probably the most important is consistency. It really helps to stay motivated by consistently learning about fitness and nutrition by reading and talking to others who are excited by the subject.​”

Leah Borgie

Nutrition and movement! These two incorporated are HUGE! I’m not yet where I want to be, but this challene has given me the motivation to press on. Over the course of these weeks, I have donated 5 pairs of jeans that I no longer fit into and now wear a size smaller for my tops. I’ve dropped several inches and pounds and most of all…I FEEL GREAT! I used to pretend I was happy and force a smile on my face when around others. Now, the smile comes from deep within. I’m happy again. My family has noticed and life is good. Looking forward to rocking even more positive results in 2019!”

Chris Yoose

Here are the Prizes

Grand Prize Winner – 1st Place

  • Feature inside STRONG Fitness Mag ($1500 value)

  • 3 year print subscription to STRONG Fitness Mag ($75 value)

  • DynaPro home workout gift pack ($138 value)

  • Lifetime access to our STRONG training center ($500 value)

  • STRONG tank and STRONG cap ($60 value)

  • Free pass for a STRONGCAMP ($295 value)

Women Fitness Training 

Includes: 65cm Exercise Ball, Set of 3 Resistance Bands, Set of Mini Bands, Green & Black Powerband, Black Powerband, Jump rope, Door anchor.

Fitness Transformation Challenge 

A 12 Week Challenge to Help You Get Strong in Mind & Body.

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