Best Body Guide Vol. 7 Choose Your Workout

No one knows your body better than you. That’s why for the first time ever, in our annual The Best Body Guide, we’re turning it over to you! Using this “Choose Your Workout” section, you get to decide what you want to work on, and how. With over 50 exercises, broken up into four areas of focus; Upper Body, Lower Body, Total Body, and Abs, you can easily customize routines that are right for you. Whether you’re training at home, or at the gym. To get started, decide what you want your workout to focus on, then flip through the section to choose 4-6 exercises that suit you and your goals. There are countless combinations, so you’ll never get bored! Mix and match to meet your time, skill level, and available equipment each day. 

*Sets, Reps, and Rest Times may need to be modified based on your plan, and be sure to incorporate a warm up and cool down with each workout. To maximize your training time and to see the results you’re striving for, working with a fitness professional to program a workout plan for you is recommended. Use the QR codes included in the pages to connect with qualified coaches in the STRONG community.