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This is your year to get strong, confident and empowered. This is where you’ll make it happen.

Welcome to the STRONG Community. Here, you’ll find countless resources to help you meet your fitness goals, plus you’ll be connected to other like-minded women striving to live their strongest, healthiest lives. As of 2017, we’re launching STRONG Nutrition Coaching, a personalized program that fits your lifestyle and enables you to make lasting changes. Are you ready? Your transformation starts now.

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Health and fitness is our passion, and it is our objective to provide clients with coaches and educators that can improve their relationship with food, nutrition, wellness, and themselves.


We work with you to create an individualized nutrition program that fits your lifestyle and will enable you to reach your goals. This is done by giving you the tools needed to make a lasting change: education, experience, coaching, support and community.

There are two levels of coaching to choose from, based on where you are at in your journey:


•  Sign up and receive your welcome email, and FB private group invite link
•  Fill out the questionnaire that is sent in the welcome email
•  Submit the questionnaire back to us along with your first set of pictures (front, side, and back as shown in the welcome email)
•  When we receive your response and photos we will assign you to a coach based off of your goals – Your coach will then start creating your plan and you will receive an email with your Success Guide (containing sample plans for workout and non workout days)
•  Within 7 days your coach will contact you via email with your macronutrient plan and introduce themselves
•  Every week you will check in with your coach on your assigned check in day. You will complete your weekly report sent to you by your coach. Your coach will review it and reply with feedback within 24 hrs.


CPT, Precision Nutrition
Certification Level 1

Annette has been passionate about fitness her whole life. Early in her fitness career, against all odds, she challenged herself to succeed within the fitness industry and she did. While balancing being a young mom with a full-time job, she devoted her life to bettering herself athletically. After winning a major world championship fitness title, and gracing numerous magazine covers, her passion only continued to grow.

Annette educated herself in every aspect of fitness. With her years of experience coaching all levels, athletic teams, and herself, she is excited to share what she has learned with women of all walks of life. As a Certified personal trainer and nutritional expert, together with a team of qualified fitness professionals, she brings a simple and realistic approach to health, fitness and weight management.

Annette approaches fitness with the goal to challenge every woman physically through workouts that are dynamic, balanced and new, pushing them to see beyond the limitations they once thought they had, all while building an environment that nourishes camaraderie and personal strength.

  • One-on-one personalized nutrition coaching

  • 24/7 access to your coach

  • A THREE-MONTH macronutrient plan

  • Access to our private Facebook group

  • A free success guide with sample plans

  • Weekly check-ins with your coach for accountability

  • An appendix of food choices for your plan
  • FREE magazine print subscription
  • Access to our members-only area which contains our online Training Center, with fresh workouts and exercises for every fitness goal

  • Digital issues & Training Guides
  • A nutrition section loaded with healthy recipes and meal ideas

  • 15% off STRONG apparel

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What is the price of the program?
Our price is $89 (USD) per month.

What am I committing to when I sign up for the STRONG Nutrition Coaching Program?
The program is a three month commitment as it can take three months to see desired results. After those first three months the membership automatically becomes a month-to-month membership that requires a cancellation notice to discontinue.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the program or don’t see the results I want?
All sales are final. The effectiveness of our program is a function of the coach but is largely determined by you and your commitment.

How do I cancel my account?
Send an email to stating that you wish to cancel your membership. Please note: we require a 30 day cancellation notice on all memberships.

Can I put my account on hold? How does that work?
You can put a hold on your account for as long as two months. To put your account on hold simply email In your email include the date you want the hold to begin and the date you want the hold to end. Your membership and charges will automatically resume once that hold has ended.

Who is this program good for?

If you are…

  • committed to making a change
  • sick of ‘rigid’ diets that require a specific protocol that is prescribed to thousands of people and not individualized.
  • tired of missing out on their favourite food
  • is new to the concepts of dieting and nutrition (Level 1)
  • has a good concept of nutrition and a basic understanding of food content (Level 2)

Who should not do this program?
If you …

  • have any serious medical constraints
  • are looking for a quick fix but not committed to making lasting permanent change
  • are looking for a diet that feels like a diet

What will I need for success:

  • A food scale: You can purchase these at most grocery or department stores (a digital scale is preferred)
  • A body weight scale: You will need to be able to track your weight accurately. This is a part of the program that will help us understand how to individualize your macronutrient prescription
  • Measuring tape: This will be used to measure your chest, waist, and hips or any other areas you are interested in monitoring. Maybe biceps? quads?
  • Food Tracking App: You can use any app that will provide you the macronutrient breakdown of your food. We use Myfitnesspal and find that it has a large database that can be helpful
  • A Positive Attitude and trust in Your Coach: You are about to take a journey to transform your body and mind. There will be ups and downs, and you will learn more about yourself and your strength than you thought.


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