Cover Athlete: Laura Manganaro

Started lifting again after Lyme Disease through Brain Retraining

Written by Stephanie Kewin
Photography by Paul Buceta
Makeup by Monica Kalra

Hair by Laura Christine Clark

“No one is too broken, special, or different. Just. Keep. Going.” Laura’s tough love comes from a place of experience. Unfortunately, this Certified Nutritionist and Trainer had to put in some serious time battling her own major health demons to gain the perspective she has today. Shortly postpartum, Laura was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after being bit by a tic infected with it. Says Laura, “I couldn’t even lift my new baby boy. I was told I couldn’t exercise and due to pain likely wouldn’t ever again—talk about closing the door. I tried many healing modalities for two solid years and then discovered Brain Retraining, the process of shifting your thinking and visualizing your life, therefore regulating the mind and body/nervous system.” 

“If it doesn’t move me closer to my goals, out it goes! That’s a
non-negotiable. If it doesn’t better my life, it’s simply not an option!"

Through Brain Retraining, Laura was able to write her own story, regaining control of her health, and standing as an example of perseverance for other women struggling to realize their best life—and health—through adversity. After rehabilitating herself and finding herself in a better place (she had developed heart issues and so had to go slowly) she one day came across an email in her inbox from Coach JVB, Jenny, our STRONG President. Says Laura: “I signed on as her [body transformation] client and never looked back. I can now say that I’m truly stronger than before what I call ‘my perfect storm.’” Laura’s perfect storm propelled her to great things… As incredibly difficult and painful as it was. 

Going forward, Laura is hyper-focused on her goals and her mission to help other people lose weight and realize their healthiest, fittest selves. She says: “Kicking the old school ‘cardio bunny’ mentality can be challenging, along with realizing that as women we generally under-eat—it was a huge mindset shift. We have been brought up with disordered eating and didn’t even know it! Until I met Jenny, I had no idea, despite being involved in fitness and nutrition since a young age.” And, finally of pushing forward toward her own personal and professional aspirations, Laura says, “If it doesn’t move me closer to my goals, out it goes! That’s a non-negotiable. If it doesn’t better my life, it’s simply not an option! If it doesn’t make me a better person for those around me, it’s not on my radar.” 

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