Sweating in Support: Supply India with Oxygen During Your Next Workout

MyYogaTeacher is partnering up with GiveIndia to donate 100 percent of yoga class proceeds to supply oxygen to those battling to breathe in India amidst the height of the coronavirus.

How to Encourage Your Kids to Be Active

New studies suggest childhood habits could dictate fitness habits well into adulthood.

These Fitness Products Are Designed to Empower You

Keep your motivation fully charged thanks to gear with empowering messages.

Transformation Challenge - Starts Monday Sept 24th

A Random Violent Attack Couldn’t Stop This Fitness Coach from Supporting Her Followers

Sydney Cummings survived a senseless gun attack, and barely took a beat from posting her daily fitness videos.

CrossFit-Inspired MetCons to Build Power & Strength

Metabolic conditioning boosts metabolism, improves cardio capacity, and triggers 24-hour calorie burning.

6 Signs of Burnout (3 Aren’t What You Think)

Plus, how you can avoid the burnout trap.

Women to Watch: Donna Burke

Donna’s supplement company uses marketing that empowers women and promotes total health.

Bacon, Egg & Avocado Toast

This avocado toast is the reason we get up in the morning.

The Ultimate Endurance Workout

This routine levels up your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

We’re Talking About Mental Health—Now What?

Our conversations surrounding mental health have made leaps and bounds—but there’s still work to be done.

We’re Obsessed with These Sustainable Activewear Brands

Get your sweat on in these ethical threads.

Need Some Help in the Digestion Department? Read This

Whether you’re training for strength or just consider yourself a fitness enthusiast, if you’re invested in health and fitness, chances are, you’ve made a...

These Women Are Breaking Barriers in Their Industries

These women are making waves in their industries and fighting for equality.


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Transformation Challenge - Starts Monday Sept 24th

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Get the best of both worlds by combining interval and resistance training.

Blackened Salmon with 50/50 Cilantro-Lime Rice

You’ll love this fresh take on salmon and rice.

Why We’re Ditching Alcohol This Year

Dabble in sober curiosity for better mental and physical health.

How These Virtual Instructors Brought the Studio Vibe to Our Living Rooms

Staying motivated at home isn’t as tough as you think – if you have the right virtual trainer. Here’s how these Peloton instructors have kept millions on track in 2020.

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Good news: They’re not all cardio-based!

Protect Your Heart with These 5 Foods

May as well make those meals heart healthy!

Had COVID-19? Here’s How to Get Back to Exercise After Recovery

Learn what medical experts and an Olympian say about getting back to the grind.

Build Better Friendships (Even in a Pandemic)

Those weekly Zoom chats with pals are actually making you healthier.

5 Exercises You May Be Doing Incorrectly—and How to Fix Them

Check your form with these common no-no’s.

The 15-Minute Workout for Stronger Arms

Get tough bis and tris with these time-tested moves.

Popular Recipes

Bacon, Egg & Avocado Toast

This avocado toast is the reason we get up in the morning.

Flexitarian Burgers with Root Vegetable Fries

Skip the take-out and try this healthy twist on a classic favorite, burger and fries.

Blackened Salmon with 50/50 Cilantro-Lime Rice

You’ll love this fresh take on salmon and rice.

Vegan Red Thai Curry with Tofu

Make this in 20 minutes or less!

Grain-Free Saucy Southwestern Stuffed Peppers

If your meal prepping could use a little spicing up, this stuffed pepper recipe is for you. Hearty and packed to the brim with lean protein, veggies, and Southwest flavors, this easy lunch and dinner idea will become a go-to favorite in your meal planning.
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