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HITT Your Whole Body In 5 Moves

It’s a new year, are you ready for a new gear? This full-body HIIT workout challenges your strength and endurance with just a handful of exercises.

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X Marks the Spot

You’ve heard of the X Frame—and you want to rock it. So, let’s start at the top with this shocking shoulder workout.

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Rita Catolino’s Secret to Lifelong Strength

After spending almost half of her life experimenting with every way to get—and stay—fit, cover athlete and industry veteran Rita Catolino now knows the secret to real strength, and she’s sharing it. In fact, she’s shouting it loud and clear for every woman who truly wants to love their body—for the long haul.

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The Truth About (Skin) Treatments

In our September/October 2022 issue of STRONG Fitness, our resident Beauty Editor Monica Kalra explained a few popular treatments in her Fresh Face column. Here, she breaks down a few more options worth investigating.

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Your Postpartum Mental Health Guide

Aftercare after baby needs to take your mental health into consideration. Here’s how to have a thriving mindset in the fourth trimester.