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The internalized pressure to look amazingly fit while pregnant or “bounce back” quickly post-pregnancy is more prevalent than ever, thanks to society’s messaging—both blatant and inferred. But renowned trainer and fitness influencer Emily Skye is paving her own path and pushing back against the idea that women are supposed to almost effortlessly stay fit, or recover at light speed after baby. With her FIT Pregnancy and FIT Post-Pregnancy programs, Emily’s focus is on celebrating the amazing things our bodies can accomplish and letting things fall into place from there, with the right guidance of course.

Says Emily, “I didn’t want to create another program that’s all about ‘bouncing back.’ There are enough of those out there. I wanted to help women regain strength and grow their confidence from seeing all the amazing things their bodies are capable of, including creating a baby.” She goes on, “Every woman and every journey is so different, but safety is always number one. I know from my team of experts—as well as following the programs myself—that what your body needs and can do varies during and after pregnancy.”

After having her two babies, Emily documented her progress from postpartum to present day for all to see to demonstrate how, eventually, with lots of hard (and smart) work, mamas can find their new normal. “I’ve been pretty candid about my postpartum journey on social media, and I’ve had a lot of women share their stories with me—so I know I’m not alone in feeling the pressure to ‘bounce back’ right away after pregnancy. But I think anyone who’s had a baby knows that’s not always going to happen. For me, confidence came from taking things slowly, so I wanted this program to do the same.”

So, what sets Emily’s programs apart from the crowd besides the obvious—her physical- and mental-health-minded, logic-based approach? She actually has a team of pregnancy and postpartum experts creating the workouts with her, separate programming for each trimester of pregnancy, and the programs are specific to ability. She says, “No trimester is the same, and no two women are the same—so I knew my pregnancy program had to reflect this. My team of women’s health experts created the workouts to be specific to each trimester and fitness ability. FIT Pregnancy also has two different intensities to make it accessible for women of all fitness levels.”

The impact of Emily’s FIT Pregnancy and FIT Post-Pregnancy programs are being felt far and wide. On the feedback she’s received: “The ladies are absolutely loving it! FIT Pregnancy is helping so many mamas-to-be continue to exercise safely throughout their pregnancy, and the new mamas are loving the mixture of strength and recovery training in the FIT Post-Pregnancy program. One woman even shared that she sees FIT Post-Pregnancy as part of her ‘self-care,’ and that it’s helping her to get back on track to reach her fitness goals. I just love that.”

Where does Emily’s drive to help women come from? “Exercise has been so important for my physical and mental health—especially after having two babies. I wanted to share the exact programs I followed during and after pregnancy to show my amazing community of women that yes, you can continue to do this safely!”

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Stephanie Kewin
Stephanie is a health and fitness writer and copy editor living in Cambridge, Ontario. Follow her on Instagram at @stephaniekewincopywriting.