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6 Training Tips from Alexia Clark Lead Photo by Daniel Hartmann  |  Inset Photo by Derek Heisler Alexia Clark is fit for a reason. She’s in the gym on the regular,...
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How Jessie Graff Became Her Own Superhero From behind-the-scenes stuntwoman to on-screen role model, American Ninja Warrior’s Jessie Graff is proving to be one of the most skilled athletes on television....

8 Tips From Nutrition Coach Annette Milbers That Will Change Your Life Nutrition coach and personal trainer Annette Milbers isn’t your typical fitness personality. She didn’t get famous yelling at overweight people on national television. She...

5 Reasons Ashley Horner is a Total Boss

As the owner of multiple businesses, head of her own brand, a multi-sponsored fitness personality, and a mother of three, Ashley Horner is the...

Cover Athlete Insider: Shawn Towne

Written by Kirstyn Brown | Photography by Paul Buceta Shawn Towne chose a path traveled by many women before her. A university graduate and graphic...

The Unstoppable Amy Purdy

Amy Purdy is the type of woman you just want to be friends with. The kind you would text for a lunch date or tag along with to spin class. She’s confident, but entirely laid back—so much so that you almost forget she’s reached celebrity status in the last few years.

Lessons From a Badass: 7 Things We Learned From Christmas Abbott

She may have one of the fiercest attitudes out there now, but Christmas admits she's struggled with moments of self doubt in the past.

Cover Athlete Insider: Vanessa Tib

When she’s not posing for the cameras in a sports bra and sneakers, you can find her in blue nurse’s scrubs assisting patients in a hospital in the Bronx.
Holly Holm

Cover Athlete Insider: Holly Holm

Just days after flying around the country on a whirlwind press tour, Holly Holm’s training schedule is back in full swing. When we arrive at Jackson Wink MMA Academy in New Mexico to shoot our March/April cover of STRONG, she’s already finishing up one of three workouts of the day and is dripping with sweat.

Cover Athlete Insider: Amber Dodzweit

Think a body like this one means hours in the gym and nothing but chicken and broccoli? Try again...

Emilie Provencher’s Rules for a Wicked Bod

There’s no two ways about it: Fitness model and champion competitor Emilie Provencher has one of the best bods in the biz (just take a look at our November/December cover if you need proof).

Cover Athlete Insider: Samantha Leete

We’re so stoked about our first ever, full-color cover. And if some of you are questioning whether we’re abandoning our gritty black and...

Cover Athlete Insider: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Few people can say they have successfully built a career on working out. But in Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s case, being able to lift heavy, swim fast, and climb ropes isn’t just her job, it’s her claim to fame. And this time last year [...]

Cover Athlete Insider: Shannon Prasarn

If you’ve been looking for a story of triumph to help get you motivated, look no further than Shannon Prasarn. Seven years ago, the seemingly perfect life of our May/June cover athlete was turned upside down...

Hawaiian Pizza with Grilled Chicken & Kale Pesto

When it comes to delivery, pizza is king. Nothing puts the cherry on top of Friday night couch surfing or...

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