Her name may remind you of the soft, furry animal, but this chick is tough as nails.

Bunny Azzopardi has one approach she applies to everything: All In. Her mentality of committing 100 percent to the gym, her family, competing, and anything else life throws her way—not to mention her shredded physique—made Bunny the perfect fit for our first STRONG Fitness Magazine Training Guide that launched last month.

Being a busy entrepreneur, mom of three and a Figure and Fitness Model competitor leaves little room for self-doubt. But, even this super fit 43-year-old is the first to admit that it took her nearly a year to get the guts to set foot on the competition stage. But after being inspired by her son’s virtues in Jiu Jitsu and her 40th birthday milestone, she found her warrior within. Today she competes at least twice a year and, when she’s not competing or killing it in the gym, she’s running her cleaning company in the evenings and weekends and holding down the fort at home with a full house of the men in her life.


SFM: If you could do any job for a day, what would it be?

BA: A crime scene investigator. It’s always interested me and I can only imagine the feeling that you’d get after catching a ‘bad guy’.

SFM: Okay. We’re sure you get this all the time, but tell us about your name.

BA: I was named after my Aunt who was born on Easter. Yep. I have an ‘Aunt Bunny’.

SFM: What’s the one message you try to convey to the world?

BA: No matter what other people think or tell you, always follow your dreams. Live your life for you—not based on others’ beliefs or expectations. And never regret.  Everything has a purpose.

SFM: If you could workout with anyone, who would it be?

BA: Oh man. Jamie Eason. I’ve followed her forever and have always been a huge fan.

Name your favorite…

Flick: Don’t laugh. I’m a “Fast and Furious” fan
Exercise: Anything back related
Treat: Nutella!
Jeans: G Star, True Religion
Sneakers: Diesel, Adidas
Fitness accessory: Stability Ball
Protein Powder: Muscle Plus ISO Plus Vanilla
Sports team: I’m a UFC fan all the way
Workout song: Anything rap
Beauty product: Lip Fusion Infatuation lipgloss

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