When it comes to women who go hard in the gym and look the part, our latest Training Guide cover athlete has it down to a science. One glance at figure competitor, Jenna Marie Wilcox and you’ll be sneaking a second, and a third. Sporting half a head of luxurious, mermaid-esque hair (100 percent her own) and half a shaved head, you know she means business when she slips on her weight straps and smashes out sets of barbell rows. Even in her off-season, her upper body forms a V-shape we can’t help but envy. But aside from her hard body looks, she’s the kind of woman you just want to hang with, because she’s as humble as she is fierce, with a contagiously silly side.
Being a gym junkie all started back in high school for Jenna, following an ACL injury that sidelined her from competitive dance and sports. She wanted to continue being active but couldn’t afford further injury with high impact activities. So she picked up the weights. When her body started to transform into the specimen you see today, she knew she wanted to hit the stage. She poured over every fitness magazine she could get her hands on and sought the advice of a trainer to guide her along. By 2010, she did her first show and finished within the top five. Having competed in nearly 10 shows since then, Jenna’s gunning to bring her best physique all the way to the Arnold in 2015. “I never thought I’d make it anywhere,” she says, “and now I look around and am just in awe! I said I wanted to be a bodybuilder and I’m doing it! It’s an amazing feeling.”
Jenna’s contest history so far:
• March 2010 Fitness Star, Fitness Model, 4th place
• UFE Showdown 2010, Bikini, 4th place
• WBFF Worlds 2010, Bikini, no placing
• UFE Springbash 2011 Bikini, 4th place
• OPA Stephanie Wordsfold Classic 2012, first place figure medium and overall figure champion
• OPA Luchka/O’Brien Mississauga Classic 2013, first place figure medium and overall figure champion
• OPA Provincial Championships 2013, first place figure medium

SFM: If you could do any job for a day, what would it be?
JM: I would be a veterinarian and save animals. Helping animals would be my dream job, but I don’t have the stomach for surgeries.
SFM: What’s your current day job?
JM: Manager for the retail store Bootlegger. I love it!
SFM: What does fitness mean in your life?
JM: Fitness is life. It’s a journey. A teacher. Its taught me discipline, how to persevere, be patient, and trust. It’s about staying happy, healthy and active. It’s so much more than being physically fit – it’s being emotionally fit as well.
SFM: What’s your favorite workout day…Legs? Arms? Back? Functional?
JM: I love to train back! I train for size and strength. They go hand in hand. I prefer heavy training versus circuits or high reps.
SFM: What advice would you give someone starting out in the gym?
JM: First, be patient and persevere. Results take time. I’ve never met anyone who said, “I wish I didn’t work as hard”. Secondly, but equally as important, never compare yourself to others. Just focus on being a better you!
SFM: Something quirky/funny most people don’t know about you?
JM: I am dangerously clumsy! I’ve broken several of my own bones out of sheer clumsiness and even knocked myself out, resulting in a concussion. It seems that I have very little awareness, so I laugh at myself a lot.

WE ASKED JENNA, “What’s your favorite….”
Flick: Grease! My dad and I watch it and sing all of the songs!
Exercise: Underhand, bent over barbell rows! Nice and heavy.
Treat: Chocolate cake
Jeans: Silver, boyfriend jeans!

Sneakers: Converse
Fitness accessory: Straps

Protein Powder: Nutrabolics Strawberries and Cream
Sports team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Workout song: “Jump” by House of Pain
Beauty product: Rimmel bronzer. I feel prettiest with no makeup and only bronzer on.
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