For the last seven years, Libby DiBiase has been tearing up the CrossFit scene, grabbing attention from supplement companies and magazines alike (not to mention, landing the cover of our Fall 2014 Digital Training Guide).

For 2015, Libby has her sights set big on both the athletic and academic fronts, including group and individual competitions and (finally) completing her degree in health administration. As a young mother and devoted athlete, she says she keeps her head above water with a positive outlook and the drive to always move forward.


SFM: What’s the best feeling in the world for you when it comes to fitness?
That point right after a workout where you know you gave it everything and you’re dripping with sweat, lying on the floor and trying to catch your breath.
SFM: What’s your training schedule like?
LD: I follow the classic three days on, one day off routine. I will do some extra work every week on my weaker points. I believe that there is no “one specific” program you need to follow.
SFM: Do you plan to compete any time soon?
Yes! I plan to do the Crossfit Competition Series, which includes a group of four people from our gym. Also, Heart of America Affiliate Competition in October in Missouri, and Wodapalooza in Miami in January 2015.
SFM: What are your tricks for making time for training, school, family and work?
My son has started preschool, so that frees up some time during the day. If I need to go to the gym, I’ll usually bring my son, because my boyfriend owns the gym where I train, so that’s kind of like our family time most days, and I love it.
SFM: What does your nutrition plan consist of these days?
I usually follow the Zone diet during the week, which in a nutshell means having a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fats (40/30/30). I try to stay away from dairy, grains, and processed foods.
SFM: What is something you won’t allow when it comes to your fitness?
Bad form and cheating reps.
SFM: What is your next fitness goal? Where do you hope all this training takes you?
Right now my goal is to make it to Regionals Individually in 2015.
SFM: How do you train your mind before a competition?
LD: That’s a good question, because that can be a major factor when it comes to competing. I try to not over think the workout. That can almost be worse. I just go out there with a clear mind, trusting my abilities to do my best!
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EXERCISE: Thrusters
TREAT: Quest Bars/Cereal
JEANS: Hudson
PROTEIN POWDER: Gaspari Isofusion
SPORTS TEAM: Nebraska Cornhuskers
WORKOUT SONG: Iggy Azalea on Pandora
BEAUTY PRODUCT: Eyelash extensions! No need for any makeup.

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Written by Sandy Braz  /  Photography by Dave Laus

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