There’s no two ways about it: Fitness model and champion competitor Emilie Provencher has one of the best bods in the biz (just take a look at our November/December cover if you need proof). What’s even more mind boggling than her crazy delts and shredded abs, is that if you check in with her at any time of the year, her physique will be on point.

So how does she do it? Aside from genetics, it comes down to good old fashioned consistency, both in the gym and in the kitchen. But that doesn’t mean the 2015 SAF Pro Fitness Model is hangry for carbs 24/7 — she loves red wine and cheesecake as much as the next woman. We bombarded our latest cover athlete with questions about her training and diet, and came away with these 10 key rules for success:

1. Don’t try to make too many changes to your lifestyle at once.
Setting one goal for each week makes a huge difference.

2. Make healthy meals at home as often as you can. It is the secret to staying lean and it doesn’t
have to be complicated. Try an omelet with sundried tomatoes, avocado, and basil.

3. Have variety in your diet, otherwise you will feel like you are always depriving yourself.
Have fun at the grocery store and be curious about trying new foods.

4. Don’t be afraid of good fat. Do avoid sugar.

5. Hire a coach or trainer you trust with good experience to help you achieve your goals.
If you’re new to fitness this will help you understand technique and give you confidence.
If you’re more advanced, it will teach you new methods and push you out of your comfort zone.

6. Be obsessed with form. Be sure you have proper technique before trying difficult or heavy lifts.

7. Have fun. Don’t just focus on your physique, but your overall performance.

8. Remember that changes don’t just happen in the gym. Stay generally active and take rest days.

9. Do deadlifts and squats. These are super effective for challenging the core.

10. Be consistent. When you eat healthy and stay active most of the time, you can still enjoy your
favorite foods in moderation without undoing your hard work.

Emilie’s Menu

We got a sneak peek at Emilie’s meal plan, and surprise! It’s not just protein powder and rice cakes!
Emilie eats 5-6 small meals packed with lots of nutrient-dense foods to fuel her workouts and leave
her feeling satisfied. (She had us at butter.)

Breakfast (Pre-Workout):
Lean meat or egg whites + berries + coconut oil
or MCT oil or a serving of nuts

Intra Workout:
Magnum Quattro Pure Protein Powder,
Amino Acid Blend

Shake: Magnum Quattro Protein Powder
+ greens + fruit

Lean protein (ex: turkey) + green vegetables
+ organic butter

Lean protein (ex: bison) + green vegetables + coconut oil

Lean protein (ex: steak or salmon) + green vegetables + complex carb (ex: Jasmine rice or sweet potato) + olive oil

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