6 Training Tips from Alexia Clark

Lead Photo by Daniel Hartmann  |  Inset Photo by Derek Heisler

Alexia Clark is fit for a reason. She’s in the gym on the regular, performing functional, often awe-inspiring, movements that demand strength and stability from every well-defined muscle. No two workouts are the same; today it’s resistance bands, tomorrow may be barbells. If you want to see her in action for yourself, you’re welcome to, and you don’t have to fly to her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona to do it. In fact, you can copy her exact routines free of charge by simply following her on Instagram, where she posts new workout videos daily, reps and sets included.

Although she’s been a personal trainer for nearly seven years, Alexia didn’t start evolving her personal Instagram account into a fitness page until late 2015. Since then, the now 27-year-old has been on the rise in the social media world, recently hitting a monumental one million Instagram followers. When asked what sets her apart from many of the other Insta-fitness celebs dominating our feeds, Alexia says it’s her educational approach that people respond to.  “I post every single exercise I do in a workout,” she says. “Keeping the focus on helping others rather than just posting pictures and talking about my own improvement seems to resonate with a lot of people.”

It’s also what’s helped her live up to her self-proclaimed status as “Queen of Workouts.” Make no mistake about it, when it comes to kicking your butt in the gym, Alexia’s training style rules them all. Here, we asked her about her training philosophy, and stole a few training tips straight from the Queen herself.

6 Training Tips from Alexia Clark

1. Include mental focus and preparation in your pre-workout routine.

“I don’t necessarily listen to or watch anything,” says Alexia. “It’s more about the mindset and positive thinking for me. I believe when mental focus is present in a workout, the overall results are better.”

2. Keep your workouts fresh.

“I change up my training routine all of the time. My training schedule switches by the week and I never repeat routines. I will repeat circuits and burnouts but I am a huge believer in mixing things up.”

3. Have a backup plan.

“I always have resistance bands with me! I love using them for training.”

4. Train with a partner now and then.

“Training with friends and family is important to me because I feel that it really strengthens the relationship. You can learn a lot about someone through training and become a huge support to them while they are working towards reaching their goals.”

5. Avoid a super strict diet.

“I feel like nutrition should be a lifestyle, something we can live with instead of feeling restricted, or being on a diet. I mainly eat whole, unprocessed foods, and lots of protein, veggies, and healthy, real carbs.”

6. You don’t have to be perfect. Just consistent.

“There have been times in my life when going to the gym wasn’t my number one priority. But learning that it’s not about staying 100 percent motivated, it’s about staying consistent and making fitness a part of your life has made a huge difference for me.”

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