Photography by Paul Buceta

After months of reflection and reevaluating the meaning of success, Toronto-based fitness and lifestyle content creator and our March/April 2022 cover athlete Trisha Enriquez has reprioritized what’s truly important: Empowering women (including her two daughters) to trust their inner voice. The only way to do that? Model the behavior herself.

Her adjustments are as follows. Two-hour gym sweat sessions have been replaced with quick, at-home workouts accompanied by her family. Success determined by corporate agendas has turned into full-time entrepreneurship and only working with people and brands she truly believes in. And striving to get her pre-mom bod back has evolved into getting stronger to be able to keep up with her energetic kids.

In this phase of her life, Trisha is letting her inner voice guide her next moves in fitness, her career, and motherhood. And what’s more, she’s candidly sharing her learnings as she gets vulnerable with her community.

Trisha lets us in on her advice for staying authentic throughout it all.

Schedule time with yourself.

For this mother of two and entrepreneur, time is the most limited resource and one that Trisha fiercely protects. In order to put her best foot forward in every other aspect of her life, Trisha’s health comes first. “I commit to my workouts by marking them in advance in my calendar,” she explains. “It's what I consider a non-negotiable appointment in my schedule.”

More important than what her workout looks like (though lately, Trisha’s go-to has been a good 20-minute kettlebell session), Trisha believes having this “me time” is vital for building confidence in herself and raising the next generation of strong women. “I want [my daughters] to see me putting time aside for myself, and that it’s not selfish. Mommy needs to take care of herself in order to take care of them,” she says. “And I want them to understand that because one day they’ll be grown and have to do the same for themselves.”

Lead by example.

Trisha’s bubbly personality lends to being a natural leader both online and in everyday life. While teaching her daughters to live a healthy lifestyle, she simultaneously encourages other mothers to live their healthiest lives with their kiddos. “My girls enjoy working out with me,” says Trisha. “And although they may not last the entire time or they may get silly throughout, I find it's not about perfection, but more about them being involved and seeing mommy prioritize her health.”

With the confidence they find while moving their bodies, Trisha hopes her daughters experience a trickle-down effect into every aspect of their lives the same way she did. Her number one rule for motherhood? “Empowering my daughters to use their voice and to stand up—and stand strong—for what they believe in.”

Stop letting fear hold you back.

“I always had a passion for fitness, but never imagined I would be doing this full-time and loving what I do this much,” says Trisha, who left her corporate sales career in 2018. “I wish I listened to my inner guide a bit sooner. I know everything happens for a reason at a certain time, but deep down, I knew I was meant to do more—it was truly just fear holding me back.”

Part of getting over that fear? Getting loud about your ambitions and finding the community that will support you in them. “We should never be afraid to speak up about our goals and be confident about succeeding in whatever it is we want to do,” says Trisha, whose latest goal is to launch an app. “It's important to find allies who will support us along the way.”

“There are always going to be haters,” she says of her growing online business. “But I find focusing on the positive community that supports me is what pushes me forward.”

Rapid Fire: Trisha’s Faves

Workout apparel? “I have so many favorite lines, but I would say Sweaty Betty, Old Navy, and Aurum Fitness are top of my list.”

Sweat session song? “My playlist definitely consists of a lot of Drake, Kanye, and The Weeknd.”

Type of workout? “Lately, I have been loving a good 20-minute full-body kettlebell session.”

Post-workout snack? “Protein shake mixed with PB and a banana FTW.”

Recovery method? “I usually do a 10-minute stretch followed by a 5-minute guided meditation.”

Mikaila Kukurudza
Mikaila is a Toronto-based writer, photographer, and fitness enthusiast. Follow her at @mikailakukurudza