Written by Chelsea Clarke

If your goals for 2017 include branding yourself in business as a health and fitness guru, or simply inspiring those around you to follow in your fit footsteps, social media can boost your overall presence and get you closer to the audience you’re working to invigorate. Whether your wheelhouse is finding well-researched and credible health articles, photographing that mouth-watering recipe you just tested, or reporting on your killer leg day, there’s a social media for that. This year, make giving back a priority on your new year’s resolution list, and create a social media lineup that motivates everyone around you to pick up the dumbbells, try adding more vegetables into their diets, or attempt a 10-minute meditation. Social media expert Jessica Fantauzzo lets us in on the secrets she uses to amplify her clients’ personalities (and success) online, and how you can do it too.

Be Unique.

“Putting out content that people can only find on your account is a good place to start,” says Jessica. While it’s tempting to share content that you’ve found helpful (and who doesn’t love a tried-and-true protein cookie recipe) taking the time to document your personal perspective, triumphs, or struggles is really what’s going to gain the most traction. “Speak honestly, and the audience will follow.”

Be Bold.

Building an inspiring presence comes down to being both genuine and relatable. “Try to avoid copying someone else’s success,” advises Jessica. “There can be some fear to work through when it comes to putting yourself out there, but it’ll set you apart from other fitness accounts.” She also suggests engaging your audience and encouraging dialogue. “If someone has feedback, reply to them! Don’t be afraid to network with the digital health community.”

Be Resourceful.

If you’re the queen of 140 characters but you’ve never heard of Snap, it’s time to expand your horizons. “Let’s say you’ve created shareable content and you want as many eyeballs on it as possible— Facebook is your best bet for amplification,” Jessica reveals. But that doesn’t mean content should only live in one place. “Maybe you posted a really great workout on Snap—let people on your Instagram feed know where they can find you, and follow you there for more gym antics.”

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