Written by Samantha Sauve, Fashion Designer, Creator & CEO, Owner Samantha Sauve Designs, and Sauve Athletics & CPT

Lead Photo by Samantha Dickson

Headshot Photo by Paul Buceta

Hair & Makeup by Monica Kalra

What did 2023 look like for you? Is there anything you know you want to change going into this new year to find a better fit for yourself—with routines, purpose, or passions? In order to feel ultimate happiness, it’s important to address all the factors that contribute to it. These are a few things I’ve learned to pay attention to in order to feel at the top of my game, and put my best self out into the world. And this comes back to me in spades through increased confidence, productivity, and connectivity with others. 

Day-to-Day Routines Before Work 

As a fitness fan, you already know this one, but for any newbies (or those who have been slacking on prioritizing training), consider some form of workout that makes you feel good. First thing in the morning. I make movement a must on a daily basis, and believe it should be at the top of your to-do’s. When you warm up your engine and get your juices flowing physically, it makes you sharper mentally, helping you to have a more successful day.

Prioritize How You Present Yourself 

Get showered and styled. Clean is necessary, but clothes are important, too. It’s not superficial. Our outfit can really impact our mood, so find a way to feel amazing on the outside. Don’t just reach for whatever is easily accessible. Take a moment to choose clothing in your closet that lifts you up, and if you need a few new items to do it, get them. You don’t have to spend a fortune—it’s not the price, it’s the piece. Just watch how fast donning a fresh new sweater, for example, helps you to feel empowered, versus the worn out one you’ve been wearing which can subconsciously bring you down. 

Break Boundaries 

It’s easy to get stuck in a style, but limiting our look can hold us back. And I don’t simply mean with being fashion forward. Even if you love your usual style, learning to try new colors or cuts can elevate us by sparking a new energy. Next time you’re out, take note of how that bright top someone is wearing brings a hint of cheerfulness to an otherwise drab space. Be that injection of energy this year by stepping out of your comfort zone and uncovering a new side of you. Instead of saying, “No, that isn’t me,” try new looks out for a day, and see who you become. You just may like it.

Life is all about expanding and evolving, in every capacity, and as silly as it might sound, your style can seriously impact your life, so push yourself in the right direction with purposeful choices this year. There is no harm in trying something new, but there can be great benefits.

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