Written by Ray Kate, Health Coach & Reiki Master, IFBB Pro, Certified Master Trainer

Photo by Luis Bello

Cultivating inner peace is a practice. Really, whatever you believe or train your mind to connect to or focus on you will become/attract. We often focus and prioritize external demands, but it’s vital to pause and connect with our inner selves to achieve focus and strive to create peace. So, how do you even begin with the process of cultivating inner peace and what are the steps to truly finding it?

Finding balance isn’t easy, however having awareness of our triggers offers a chance for meaningful change. Triggers can act like emotional landmines, which can be detrimental, affecting well-being and quality of life. Inner peace demands clear boundaries, creating the space first to assess and self-reflect. By creating a safe space to be with yourself regularly, you can observe your thoughts and notice if they are coming from a place of love or fear. 

Once you can identify the fear, then you can learn and integrate problem solving techniques, remove toxicity and create healthy routines to stay balanced. Embody the change you seek, be the person you wish to attract. You will still feel the stress or intensity of the world, but you can create anchors to re-connect and tune back into your center. It becomes easier and easier to self regulate with practice, but it has to be prioritized to effectively promote lasting change. It’s through this process, I was able to find my inner peace.

"Through the foundation of discipline and healthy lifestyle practices, it’s possible to build tolerance to stress."

My physical training was a commitment that greatly contributed to my deeper connection to peace within myself. I was able to cultivate discipline, gaining mental perseverance through self control. When you create consistency with a routine, it creates trust within self, which in turn regulates the Central Nervous System and can make a person less reactive over time.

Through the foundation of discipline and healthy lifestyle practices, it’s possible to build tolerance to stress. Which in turn promotes inner peace and connectedness. It’s here where we shift from operating from a place of fear to a place of love which increases our emotional empathy and our emotional intelligence. The more you continue to show up for yourself, the more you activate the mindset that will give you resilience and the capacity to move through whatever life brings. This is true peace.

Key Reasons to Nurture Inner Peace

Emotional & Mental Health: Inner Peace Promotes emotional resilience, reduces stress anxiety, and improves mental clarity

Relationship Dynamics: Peace fosters empathy and understanding in relationships. Having grounded interactions creates a compassionate mindset.

Physical Health:
Inner Peace is associated with lower blood pressure, and improved immune function.

Decision Making and Clarity: Peaceful approach when dealing with problems or decision making is improved with a composed and critical/objective mindset.

Productivity and Creativity: Inner Peace creates a more focused mind which enables one to have a clear mental space for innovation. 

Ways I’ve Learned to Achieve It

♦ Body Work, and Energy Work

♦ Somatic Therapy/Hypnotherapy

♦ Contrast Therapy

♦ Sound Healing

♦ Yoga, and Strength Training

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