Written by Ray Kate, Health Coach & Reiki Master, IFBB Pro, Certified Master Trainer

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Ten years ago, I bought a one-way plane ticket from New York to Santa Barbara in the pursuit of true fulfillment. Spoiler alert: I’ve found it in spades—helping people find their optimal health and ultimately thrive—as a Holistic Coach. 

Finding Myself

At 12 years old, I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease and underwent a full thyroidectomy—a procedure that removed my entire thyroid. It made me live in a heightened state of anxiety. I disconnected from myself. I felt angry, like my body and my health weren’t in my own hands. I didn’t know how to eat (I later discovered my disease was triggered by food allergies, and I actually didn’t need my thyroid removed). One day, I decided that I needed to take control of my wellness. So, when I was 23, I moved out to Santa Barbara (which I’d kept hearing amazing things about) with $500, a backpack, no friends, no job, and no family. 

I focused on yoga, detoxing, and spending a lot of time with myself. I was able to begin my healing journey because of the community. Integrating with yoga was something that aligned my body, allowing me to connect on a deeper level spiritually, and I fell in love with it. As I gained momentum teaching yoga, I also fell in love with personal training and working out myself. It was therapeutic and very somatic with the trauma I had experienced early on. 

I built my first business in holistic health and built a community on connection through movement and mindfulness. Eventually, I entered into the bodybuilding world during a particularly challenging time in my life. I needed the structure. I manifested the perfect coach who could break me out of my shell and push me in the weight room. He was my first mentor and taught me so much about weight training and being mentally tough. He trained me in women’s Figure and after four years of discipline and dedication, I won my Pro card at The USA in 2021 representing California. 

My mission is to broaden your horizon of fitness by focusing on holistic health, so that you can live a long, meaningful life.”

Full Spectrum Service

Today, I am a certified sound healer, reiki master, personal trainer, nutrition coach, and yoga teacher. I work with the energetics of a person and utilize different modalities to help optimize my clients’ energy by creating alignment within. I specialize in strength training as a foundation and somatic/therapeutic tool to help an individual harness and master working with their emotions, as well as improving overall strength and performance. 

My clients receive a full spectrum approach to Holistic Health. 

Evolve for Longevity

Here, expect to find soulful content, holistic tools, mindset coaching, and personal stories that will move you on an emotional scale. I want you to find inspiration when reading, because it might contextualize things you feel deep within but have never been able to find words for or gain perspective on. So, join me in learning how to heal, holistically. 

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