Linda Mitchell

Photo by Greg Cleaver Photography

AGE: 23  /  LOCATION: Kelowna, BC
GIG: Personal Trainer  /  SPORT: Bikini and CrossFit

Millennial on a Mission:

Jordyn grew up an all-around athlete, but her main focus was always competitive gymnastics. That is until at age 16, when her joints could no longer take the intense training required, and she ended her gymnastics career. Suddenly no longer as active, Jordyn started to worry about gaining weight. In an effort to maintain her gymnastics physique, she cut down on her food intake and spent two hours in the gym daily doing cardio and lifting weights. Soon, she went from a healthy 125 lbs to just 98 lbs.

Her guilty pleasures: Oreos and Frosted Flakes

“From the moment I woke up to when I fell asleep, food and working out were the only two things on my mind,” she says. “These were the only two aspects in my life that I thought I had control over.” Her clothes became looser, she was unable to lift heavy in the gym, and she felt anxious around junk food. By high school graduation, Jordyn was exhausted from her habits and hired her first personal trainer to help her build a healthier relationship with food and exercise.

Today, Jordyn lives a more balanced life. She switches up her workouts regularly with CrossFit, Olympic lifting, HIIT workouts, cardio endurance, and bodybuilding. The last two years, she has placed in the top five in all categories of the True Fitness Challenge, a Bikini and CrossFit competition. With just two competitions under her belt, Jordyn is already making an impact on the fitness industry. What started as a personal fitness Instagram account is now Jordyn’s training brand, inspiring clients around the globe.

Jordyn is currently working on finishing her degree in human kinetics and completing her book Calculating Macros, which aims to simplify nutrition for the general population. “I love what I do,” says Jordyn. “Every single day, I get the chance to influence someone’s life in a positive way, whether that be physically or mentally.”

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