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PART ONE of a six-part series helping women evolve to become the best version of themselves.

“I see self-love as the appreciation and gratitude that comes from physical, psychological, and spiritual growth,” says Linda Nardi. “Holding your joy and happiness in high regard, caring for your needs, and not sacrificing or compromising your well-being to please others. I’m a firm believer that self-love is also the cornerstone to achieving personal success on many levels.”

Linda should know. Over the past while, she has continued to make a commitment to herself, through fitness, and it’s made all the difference with her well-being and perceived purpose. Starting her day with an early morning fitness routine is something Linda now considers her own special time, where she’s uninterrupted and dedicated to just working on ‘Linda’. “You eventually reach a point where you really look forward to it each day, and you don’t think twice about throwing on your workout gear as soon as you wake up. It’s become a positive habit, and it can be a form of meditation. The exertion is easily addictive—it’s enjoyable, and motivating as you start to see transformation and improvements come to life,” says Linda. It’s why she’s so eager to inspire so many others. “I strongly recommend this way of life to anyone, at any age,” Linda says. 

Through her business, Mind Body Warrior—a platform designed to encourage a transformative journey of learning, spiritual growth, physical change, and mindset strengthening—Linda strives to empower individuals to become their most powerful selves, and she does so by example. Despite the many years Linda had already spent dedicated to fitness, not too long ago she was ultimately led on a journey to elevate her fitness and nutrition goals. In August of 2022, Linda competed in the WBFF World’s show in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she earned her Pro Card as a Fitness Model. “I overcame so much over the two years leading up to that competition. Looking back and going through the experience of earning my Pro Card, it truly was a blessing for me, and I was so proud of the many sacrifices I had to make, and the accomplishments and the resilience I showed in persevering to achieve such a high-level goal,” she says. “This was a crucial moment in my life, and the catalyst that provided me with the ambition and confidence I needed to go down the path of creating my own business platform. Which I’m very excited about recently launching!”

Being a leader in fitness and well-being is something that has always come naturally to Linda.

For those who know her, Linda’s success came as no surprise, though. Through many challenging personal experiences, she has learned to always find a way to persevere regardless of what obstacles are thrown her way. “I see myself as an incredibly strong, and resilient individual,” says Linda. “It’s taken a lot of self-work and commitment for me to master the skill of living a highly disciplined and productive lifestyle—one that emphasizes a strong dedication to holistic wellness, fitness, and nutrition.” It’s a lifestyle Linda believes she can now use to inspire others. “I can honestly say that considering the mental reward, the feeling of vibrancy, and the high-levels of energy created, I would not have it any other way.” Although her platform is new, Linda’s desire to help others work through challenges is certainly not. “I actually spent many years working as an Esthetician and realized there was a pattern of customers coming in to see me with medical issues and emotional challenges—not always booking esthetician services, but simply to spend time connecting with me.” An exceptionally warm, spiritual, and empathetic soul, Linda interpreted this as a signal to shift her career focus. “This was perhaps the start of an eye-opening process where I knew I had to re-examine things and try to find a more productive means to get out there. Where I would have a greater opportunity to help as many people as possible feel better about themselves,” she explains. 

Being a leader in fitness and well-being is something that has always come naturally to Linda. It’s something she remembers feeling inspired to be at just 10 years old, in elementary school. “I was inspired by my gym teacher who would lead the class in a twenty-minute morning run through the neighborhood streets surrounding the school. In the class of 30 kids, I eventually took charge, and led the class on these morning runs,” she says. “I recall this being that key moment when I first felt what it was like to be inspired, and I can still remember what it felt like to feel a passion growing inside me. I’ve been active in fitness pretty much ever since.”

Over the years that passion for fitness has grown to incorporate beauty, fashion, self-help, and overall health and wellness, defining who Linda is and directing her efforts to help change the lives of others. In this new six-part series, look for inspo from Linda as she shares her experience and expertise to help everyone achieve and maintain a high quality of life through fitness, nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle.

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