Age: 29     Hometown: Houston, TX     Gig: Personal Trainer
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Fitness is all about determining your “why,” according to Brittany. “That ‘why’ includes where you want to be in life, what you want to get out of [the work you put in], and the purpose behind why you do it,” she says. And for her, that’s exactly what keeps her disciplined in her training. As a Bikini IFBB pro, Brittany thrives on the competitive aspects of her sport, and she discovered through competing that the physical and mental perseverance that is required is applicable to more than just lifting weights. “It challenged me to have the same discipline in other areas of my life,” she says. 

“I challenge people to question their ‘why’ outside of comparison [to other women’s bodies]; to accept who they are and how they were uniquely made.”

As an active kid, Brittany grew up with sports and recreation all around her, but as she got older, she realized her fitness regime was dominated by insecurities and wanting to change her body to fit a certain aesthetic. It wasn’t until she was able to accept that her workouts could be a place of mental refuge and peace that her mindset started to change for the better. “Fitness has become my therapy and outlet for any and all difficult moments,” she says.

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