Written by Kathryn Lekas
Photo by Felisha Carrasco

Age: 34     Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

Gig: Strength and Conditioning Coach   Follow her: @christine_trains


For Christine Franklin, 4 a.m. wake up calls five to six days per week for strength and endurance training was just the beginning of her fitness journey. As an Explosive Ordinance Technician (EOT) with the US Navy's Special Operations Force, Christine was expected to maintain an exemplary fitness level to execute missions, and this was often the only time she could fit her workouts into her demanding days. After a decade of hard work and top marks, Christine reached the rank of Chief Petty Officer and Team Leader – titles rarely given to women, let alone women of color. 

“Women are capable of so much, and I want to be the one to
tell them that they can truly do anything they put their minds to.”

Since returning to civilian lifestyle five years ago, she's been channeling that hardwired discipline to help other women take back “full control” of their lives through mental health, nutrition, strength, and mobility. "When I was in the service, there were very few women I got to work with. I missed the dynamic of female empowerment and mentorship, and I wanted to bring that to other women in their daily lives." Christine says she accomplishes this by taking a holistic approach to coaching and lifestyle, and getting to know her clients on a personal level. "My clients describe my coaching style as detailed, technical, and empowering. They always share with me that I give them exactly what they need to improve and reach their goals. They never feel like they're getting a cookie-cutter training routine."

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