Photography by Paul Buceta

Hair & Makeup by Laura Christine Clarke

Age: 37   Hometown: Blue Mountain, ON

Gigs: Fitness Instructor/Entrepreneur

Follow her: @jesse.bettio.private

Fitness has been a saving grace through every dark period of bodybuilder Jesse Bettio’s life: “I recently went through a kind divorce with grace and empathy, and many people are shocked to hear that it’s possible to evolve into best friends. Going to the gym had a lot to do with that success. The gym was my consistent daily time to feel better, stronger, and aligned with my highest self.” And, as Jesse knows, feeling like your highest self through movement is empowering on many levels. But it isn’t always easy. Says Jesse, “Honestly, no one knows what you go through, those long nights or early mornings training, or meal prepping and having the dedication when completely alone to keep going.

"It is so important to me to lead by example and to
embody the message I try to instill in my children."

To push through every obstacle. To keep mentally, physically, and emotionally STRONG.” Jesse’s plan to continue growing and getting stronger in every facet includes completing her 200 hours to become a yoga instructor, she’s got her sights set on winning a gold medal in a bodybuilding competition, AND she’s determined to finish her first triathlon for her big 4-0 birthday. Jesse’s takeaway message? “As a single mom to two young children, a golden retriever, two cats, three chickens, and a rooster, living on top of Blue Mountain as a true country girl, it is so important to me to lead by example and to embody the message I try to instill in my children: Believe in yourself and go bravely in the direction of your dreams!”

Stephanie Kewin
Stephanie is a health and fitness writer and copy editor living in Cambridge, Ontario. Follow her on Instagram at @stephaniekewincopywriting.