Stephanie Siraco

Woman to Watch: Stephanie Siraco

This former nuclear engineer for the US Navy has competed on American Ninja Warrior, Broken Skull Challenge, and more.
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Sarah Hipps

Fifteen years of struggling with depression had Sarah searching for a community of women who wanted to be the best version of themselves, regardless of shape or size. So when she couldn’t find one, she took it upon herself to create her own.
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Allison Metselaar

Growing up, sports were an enormous part of Allison Metselaar life. She was the captain of both her soccer and basketball teams, ran track and field, and was voted the head of athletics by her high school peers.

Jennifer Dmuchowski Written by Chelsea Clarke AGE: 25     LOCATION: Washington, DC GIG: Graphic Designer     SPORT: Health and Fitness Enthusiast Jennifer found herself in an unfamiliar circumstance while attending college....

Jacqueline Kasen Written by Mikaila Kukurudza AGE: 32     LOCATION: Miami Beach, FL GIG: Master Trainer     SPORT: Track & Field Boss Babe: With her family moving around frequently in her childhood,...

Joanne Encarnacion

Joanne lived in the shadows of depression and anxiety. She describes this time of her life as feeling crippled by her own thoughts.

Jordyn Kreller

Jordyn grew up an all-around athlete, but her main focus was always competitive gymnastics. That is until at age 16, when her joints could no longer take the intense training required, and she ended her gymnastics career.
Linda Mitchell

Linda Mitchell

"It isn't when you start that matters," says Linda. "It's about getting started."

Shannen Park

"I want to redefine the way people look at moms."
Kristen Graham

Kristen Graham

“Sharing fitness with my husband and my daughter every day is my silver lining.”

Tori Hartmann

Tori Hartmann is this month's Woman to Watch, as seen in the May/June issue of STRONG Fitness Magazine!

Magdalena Coffman

After having her second child, Magdalena was tired of being tired. She was so fatigued, she had almost no energy...
Shannon Siemer

Shannon Siemer

Being a badass might be in Shannon’s DNA...

Sasha Kuznetsova

Photo by Paul Buceta Sasha Kuznetsova AGE: 40 LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN GIG: Personal Trainer SPORT: Bikini GAME CHANGER: Sasha knows a thing or two about changing courses in the journey of life. After making a...

Cover Athlete Insider: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet

Few people can say they have successfully built a career on working out. But in Camille Leblanc-Bazinet’s case, being able to lift heavy, swim fast, and climb ropes isn’t just her job, it’s her claim to fame. And this time last year [...]

Healthy Fried Rice

Magdalena Coffman

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