Allison Metselaar

Written by Mikaila Kukurudza

AGE: 29     LOCATION: New York, NY
GIG: Coach/Health & Fitness Blogger     SPORT: Basketball

Fitness Baller: Growing up, sports were an enormous part of Allison Metselaar life. She was the captain of both her soccer and basketball teams, ran track and field, and was voted the head of athletics by her high school peers. She even attended a prestigious sports academy during the summers.

Allison never could have predicted she would be 20 lbs overweight by the time she was 23 years old. But after a difficult break up and losing her job, that’s exactly where she found herself. “I had lost the motivation to work out or eat healthy,” she says. “It was truly the hardest and darkest period of my life.”

“I am a comic book and sci-fi nerd! I love
Marvel comic books and all of the Avengers.”

Eventually, Allison summoned the drive to spend her free time getting healthy again, and she began showing up at the gym every day. With every muscle gain, she gained back a piece of her confidence.

As she transitioned careers, her fitness-enthusiastic parents encouraged her to become a health coach. Now, the New Yorker is busy filming workouts around the city for her website,, and studying for her personal trainer certification so she can help others find confidence with fitness. “Fitness allowed me to rebuild my self-esteem and take control of my life in a way that was empowering.”

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