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AGE: 26     LOCATION: Miami, FL     GIG: Barry’s Bootcamp Instructor     FOLLOW HER: @caseyssimmons

Bootcamp Badass: When personal trainer and certified nutritionist Casey tried out a Barry’s Bootcamp class in New York, she immediately knew it was the gig for her. After moving to Miami in 2017 she was hired as an instructor at the local Barry’s and has lived and breathed the job ever since. For the former kindergarten teacher, being an instructor was the perfect marriage of her two passions: teaching and athletics.

“I believe that the brightest light is the one within you.”

A firm believer that you should practice what you preach, Casey’s own training consists of plenty of Barry’s classes, either dropping into another instructor’s bootcamp or self-testing the routines she develops for her own classes. “I do a lot of weight training and HIIT on my own as well, and try to mix in Pilates and yoga throughout my weekly routine to keep my mind and spirit well balanced,” she says.

This year, Casey’s goal is to complete her certification in pre- and post-natal fitness, so she can help women feel their best during and after pregnancy. “I try to touch more lives by getting to know my clients, and recruiting new clients to fall in love with the classes just like I did,” she says. “I want to be the strongest support system for anyone who needs an extra push, or a positive attitude to look up to.”

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Chelsea Clarke
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