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AGE: 57     LOCATION: Paris, France and San Diego, CA     GIG: Health & International Lawyer   
FOLLOW HER: @debofit

Leading Lady: A ballet dancer in her youth, Deborah knows all about dedication. Her commitment to fitness keeps her strong in every sense of the word, but in 2015, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, her strength was tested. “I had the tumor removed and underwent radiation therapy,” she says. “Two days after surgery, I was back in spin class. Fitness kept me going.”

“The only limits to your fitness are the ones
you impose on yourself.”

Now, Deborah’s mission is to represent fit women over 50, an age group she feels is often forgotten about. “If you can be in shape in your 50s, after raising children and continuing a demanding career, it’ll inspire other older women to find independence and confidence,” she says. She’s recently launched, a website focused on delivering short, intense workouts that can easily be incorporated into any fitness regime.

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Chelsea Clarke
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