Jacqueline Kasen

Written by Mikaila Kukurudza

AGE: 32     LOCATION: Miami Beach, FL
GIG: Master Trainer     SPORT: Track & Field

Boss Babe:

With her family moving around frequently in her childhood, Jacqueline Kasen has always found stability in fitness. “Fitness is everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you are,” she says. “Whenever there were family issues growing up, I would be able to put on a pair of sneakers and simply just go!” As a child, she exceled in track and field, receiving the gold medal for long jump and 400m at the Junior Olympics, and then continued her passion as a collegiate athlete while studying Exercise Science and Physiology.

Now a personal trainer and a sponsored athlete with Reebok and supplement brand BPI, Jacqueline is creating her fitness brand, KasenFitness.com, which strives to help individuals reach their maximum potential both mentally and physically. “Being a female in a male dominated industry is challenging to say the least,” says Jacqueline, who is the only female personal trainer at her gym. “I had to set myself apart by using my education, experience, and professionalism to stand out.”

Her not-so guilty pleasure: “Pizza at least once a week!”

While resistance training is a personal favorite, Jacqueline doesn’t limit herself to one style of fitness. Incorporating sprints, agility drills, and sled work in addition to weight lifting, she keeps her routine fresh and always challenging.

Jacqueline Kasen
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