Photo by Kike San Martin @kikesanmartin

AGE: 29     LOCATION: Miami, FL     GIG: Health & Fitness Coach     FOLLOW HER: @fitgirlbomb

Inspiring Influencer: J’zotta grew up with an impressive background in fitness—a basketball state champ, cross country star, and hurdling expert—but it wasn’t until she observed some of her equally talented peers venturing down the wrong paths that she realized how she could use fitness to change lives. She graduated college and became a teacher and coach, and saw the positive impact she was able to make on her students.

“Running makes me feel superhuman.”

Now a full-time fitness trainer, J’zotta has expanded her reach and thrives from witnessing the healthy changes her clients make. “The most rewarding thing is being a part of someone’s success as they overcome their obstacles. I want to empower everyone to live up to their potentials,” she says.

No stranger to overcoming obstacles of her own, J’zotta reveals how fitness played a role in her personal hardships when in 2016, she and her husband hit what she calls financial rock bottom. Deciding they would schedule runs together each morning, the workouts were just the mental boost they needed as they strengthened their relationship, their mindsets, and their faiths. And just like their most difficult workouts, J’zotta says, “Some days you feel great, others you feel like you can’t finish. But you push through, make it to the end, and you’ll get the reward.”

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