Photo Edgar Artiga 

Magdalena Coffman

AGE: 37     LOCATION: Perry Hall, MD
GIG: Stay-at-home mom     SPORT: Bikini, CrossFit

STAGE MOM: After having her second child, Magdalena was tired of being tired. She was so fatigued, she had almost no energy for everyday tasks. She knew she had to do something  but admits she was intimidated to join a gym. So when a new CrossFit space opened up, she decided it could be an opportunity to give fitness a try and it wasn’t long before she was hooked. “I loved the adrenaline pump before every WOD, and the competitive nature of the sport,”says Magdalena. Soon after, she started paying attention to eating a cleaner diet, and she says the combination made her quickly feel stronger and more empowered.

Now, Magdalena uses four to five weight training sessions per week to stay in top shape. She also likes to mix things up with cardio, yoga, boxing, and outdoor training. Magdalena has competed in numerous shows, earning her IFBB pro card, consistently ranking in the Top 3 in her division, and even taking an overall title in her first National show. Magdalena has been featured in several fitness publications, and her aspirations don’t stop there: she’s currently working to complete her certification as a strength and conditioning specialist, with plans to open her own training business so she can help other women to live their best lives (“especially new moms!” she says).

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