Fitness Goals For Women

Written by Mikaila Kukurudza Photo by Andy Bonura

AGE: 31     LOCATION: Denver, CO
GIG: Personal & Online Trainer     SPORT: Cross-Training

Fitness Realist: Fifteen years of struggling with depression had Sarah searching for a community of women who wanted to be the best version of themselves, regardless of shape or size. So when she couldn’t find one, she took it upon herself to create her own. By developing her brand and remote training company, Realistic Fitness, Sarah aimed to create a movement that helps women commit to realistic fitness goals and achieve a balance between physical and mental health. “Working out and eating right not only keeps you mentally healthier,” says Sarah, “but in a time where you feel the most out of control in your life, working out is something you can absolutely control.”

“I don’t want to be the woman with a lot of followers.
I want to be the woman who pushes others to lead.”

While setting realistic goals for herself and her clients, Sarah has attracted an online community of more than 16,000 Instagram followers—each who are privy to Sarah’s 100 percent authentic content (everything from her weight gain, love for doughnuts, and struggles with body image). “I believe strength comes in so many forms,” says Sarah. “And for me and many others I’ve met online, it’s owning what has broken or is breaking you.”

When she isn’t training or coaching her clients, Sarah spends her time writing, and is currently editing her first book that will act as an extension of her brand, aiming to empower women with guides and exercises for self-improvement, along with workouts and nutrition. “I want to help move our community towards realistic goals, real conversations, and portraying their real selves,” says Sarah. “I don’t want to be the woman with a lot of followers. I want
to be the woman who pushes others to lead.”

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