Photo by Paul Buceta

Sasha Kuznetsova

AGE: 40
LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN
GIG: Personal Trainer
SPORT: Bikini

GAME CHANGER: Sasha knows a thing or two about changing courses in the journey of life. After making a difficult decision to leave an early professional basketball career in Moscow, Russia, Sasha felt lost. “I knew I was ready to leave basketball, but I missed the camaraderie of my teammates, and the competitiveness that comes with the sport,” she says. After years of feeling burnt out and avoiding the gym, Sasha and her husband made a move across the globe, landing in Minneapolis, MN. She attributes her husband as the one to reignite her fire, after he surprised her with personal training sessions in their new hometown. Sasha began looking for new challenges, and completed her personal training certification, and enrolled in her first Bikini competition.

Now, just turning 40 and with numerous awards under her belt, Sasha is working hard to grow her own business, YourFIT, a Minneapolis-based bootcamp that brings like-minded women together, giving them a motivational and supportive place to train. “In the end, it’s not about how good your butt looks in your Lulu pants. It’s how you feel about yourself,” says Sasha. “Confidence and self-love are the best gains I can imagine my clients receiving.”

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