Woman to Watch: Tatiana Rogers

Photo by Richard Gaisie

AGE: 25     LOCATION: Fort Collins, CO     GIG: Veterinary Student   
Bodybuilding     FOLLOW HER: @drfitvet

A track and field athlete in her youth, Tatiana admits she wasn’t always proud of her body. Her naturally muscular physique stood out among her classmates, and she often felt self-conscious and yearned to fit in.

“I’ve been hit by the bodybuilding bug.”

“To excel in track, you need to lift weights and likely obtain a figure that’s different from your peers. I chose to be more like the people around me rather than excel in something I had a niche for,” she says. While she regrets feeling this way in the past, she’s thankful her affinity for sports has led her to a new obsession that allows her to deploy her natural abilities and feel proud of her form: bodybuilding.

Ranking first in a fitness competition in the Physique category earlier this year, Tatiana now has her sights set on training for the Figure category. “The gym is where I can focus on myself and develop confidence. I can tackle any situation life throws my way,” she says. Tatiana hopes to show her family that anything is possible, whether that means pursuing fitness goals or attending college, a feat that Tatiana currently holds the sole title for. “My mom is an immigrant from Mexico and no one in my family has gone to college. But here I am, pursuing a veterinary degree, and hopefully a place in the fitness industry as well.”

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