Csilla-Clark-WomentoWatch Csilla Clark

AGE: 41

GIG: Translator & Interpreter
SPORT: Various sports & Fitness
Multitalented Athlete: There are few sports Csilla hasn’t tried since starting out as a young athlete in her home country of Hungary, where she was recruited to be an elite runner and, later, a national-level rowing champion.
Since moving to America at 24, she has jumped out of a plane, learned to ride a motorcycle, ran the Tough Mudder obstacle course, taken up rock climbing and become a personal trainer (in addition to studying International Affairs and starting her career). But her latest accomplishment, placing fourth in a Fitness Universe competition, challenges Csilla in entirely new ways. “I got involved to test how far I can push myself,” she says. “The process of preparing for a fitness competition taught me the importance of a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. It also helped me to get back to a great shape in between and after having kids.” There’s no stopping her now.
Photo by Jason Halbert
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