Photography by Audra Oden

Age: 44     Hometown: Belgrade, MT   
Gig: Trainer & Gym Owner     Follow her: @heathers_fit_tips

Heather’s strained relationship with her father forced her to call upon the strength she learned to muster up in her workouts. Absent for most of her life, then detained in federal prison, Heather slowly began to develop a relationship with her father again in her adult years. But just six days after he was released, she had the painful experience of watching him pass. “Fitness was a way for me to clear my head, feel empowered, and build up the physical and mental strength I needed to be able to forgive him,” she says. 

Now, personal trainer and nutrition specialist Heather is proud of the family she’s built with her loving husband and five children (yes, five), and her goal is to help other women rock motherhood. “It’s never too late,” she says. “You can be stronger and fitter than ever before after having babies.” She teaches her clients to schedule training and nutrition into their lifestyles, without letting it run their lives. This sustainable method helps moms fuel their bodies for whatever comes their way—not just so they’ll look good. “I love helping others realize they have the option to change their own story,” she says. 

Chelsea Clarke
Chelsea is a Toronto-based editor and writer, penning everything from investigative reports to inspiring profiles. She’s the current Associate Editor of Strategy Magazine.