Photo by Landon Epperly 

Age: 26   Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA   Gig: Personal Trainer  
Follow her: @runner_redeemed

Lifelong soccer player Jenna believes fitness is about more than what you see in the mirror. “Is your mind ‘fit’? Are your thoughts ‘fit’?” she says. As a personal trainer, she encourages women to accept themselves as they are now, and take a hard look at the way they think, act, and speak when it comes to how they treat themselves. “I want women to cherish their bodies for what they can do, not just how they look,” she says. Recognizing that our society generally has a pretty warped view of what exercise and nutrition “should” be, Jenna’s on a mission to release people from the constraints diet culture has put on women, and empower them to love their bodies and honor themselves with the choices they make.

“Seeing the shift from self-hatred to self-love in my clients is a one of the most motivational things ever.”

Implementing her method of love and honor on her own body, Jenna calls upon her intuitive powers. Don’t get her wrong—she’s been through the wringer with over-exercising, under-eating, messed up mental health, and crazy hormones—and that’s exactly what led her to where she is now. “I fuel with nutrient dense food, and still leave room for the food that feeds my ‘soul,’” she says. “I weight train and run for healthy bones, cardiovascular health, and longevity. It’s never a form of punishment.” Running, especially for Jenna, is a constant in her workouts and provides a huge boost to her mental health and stress levels. 

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