Written by Stephanie Kewin

Age: 43   Hometown: Seattle, WA

Gigs: Trauma-Informed Trainer and Gym Designer

Follow her: @kimatthegym

Trauma-Informed Trainer and Gym Designer Kim Rose is nothing if not a specialist: “I’ve created personal and group programs for young adults with special needs and individuals working through trauma, including severe anxiety, depression, and substance abuse recovery.” Her work has always been targeted for those who need it most, and her goal is to encourage other fitness professionals to lean into the work of trauma-informed training. Kim says, “The fitness space can be very intimidating for newcomers, especially those who are working through trauma or in recovery. Fitness trainers and others who have the skills, spaces, and resources should find ways to bring those resources to the community—offering classes, seeking new education and certifications, and supporting everyone who seeks fitness as an outlet.” When Kim tragically lost her son to addiction in 2022, the weight on her bar and the macros on her plate were the only things she could control. The gym gave her somewhere to gather her strength. Now, Kim hopes to promote the gym as such for everyone, not just a select few. 

"When I tragically lost my son to addiction, the gym
gave me somewhere to gather my strength. I want to help
promote fitness for everyone who needs it.”

Her words of wisdom for those currently struggling to overcome big obstacles? It’s twofold.
1) Ride the wave: There will be times in life when moving every day, eating all the nutrients, and drinking all the water will be top priority. And, sometimes, it’s just not. Ride the wave… And in the down times, don’t beat yourself up. Just remember, like the ocean, that wave will come again. And, 2) Non-Negotiables: “I encourage all my clients to come up with a shortlist of their non-negotiables. That’s three to five things they can do every single day, whether they’re at home or traveling, sick or healthy, motivated or not. Even if the day falls apart, they will always have a few wins to be proud of.”

Stephanie Kewin
Stephanie is a health and fitness writer and copy editor living in Cambridge, Ontario. Follow her on Instagram at @stephaniekewincopywriting.