Age: 41   Hometown: Los Angeles, CA & Kansas City, MO
Gig: Fitness & Lifestyle Coach   Follow her: @kristielatray

Kristie’s love affair with exercise stemmed from a health scare in her 20s, when she was given the choice to either start a workout program to better her fitness, or get on medications to control the problem. In a matter of months, Kristie fell in love with the difference she felt in her body and mind after her daily sweat sessions. “We only get one body,” she says. “I want mine to fully function as long as I live.” Now, 20 years later, Kristie regularly keeps up her fitness with 3-5 spin classes per week (she’s a spin instructor), strength training, and yoga, and says she’s a fan of intuitive eating and stays away from most foods that come in packages. 

“My external motivation is my six-pack. I want to keep it poppin’!”

Kristie recognizes that exercise can sometimes be the answer for those who want to change themselves from a place of negativity, and her mission is to alter that. “The reality is that people focus on their shortcomings and problems. They think they’re not motivated to exercise, need to lose weight, etc.,” she says. But she empowers her clients from the inside out, teaching them to create internal strength, confidence, and authority over themselves, so fitness becomes a positive driving force. “Once this foundation is set, there’s no failing, falling short, or feeling bad about missed opportunities.” 

Chelsea Clarke
Chelsea is a Toronto-based editor and writer, penning everything from investigative reports to inspiring profiles. She’s the current Associate Editor of Strategy Magazine.