Photo by Patricia McHugh of Depth and Field Photography

Age: 40    Hometown: London, England    
Gig: Registered Nutritionist, Women’s Health Coach & Yoga Instructor    
Follow her: @eatlovemove

Le'Nise is all about keeping it simple when it comes to your best health. Her practice, which specializes in women’s health and hormones, is centered around educating and empowering women to advocate for their own healthcare, and she believes the wellness industry needs a wake-up call in recognizing that for some populations, there are many barriers to being "well." "Good health is something that should be available to everyone, and you don’t need a lot of money to do this," she says. "Go back to basics: Get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat as many vegetables as you can afford, move your body, and take a deep breath." These principles guided Le'Nise as she healed herself from hormonal imbalances and burn-out after a 15-year career in advertising. "I knew what I had learned would be really powerful information for others," she says. Taking the leap into self-employment has allowed her to do what she loves most: Spend time with her son. 

Chelsea Clarke
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