LivaRiveraLiva Rivera

AGE: 39
GIG: Marketing Rep
SPORT: Tri-Fitness
Multi Athlete: After her second pregnancy, Liva’s weight hit an uncomfortable 200 lbs—but her unhealthy days stopped there. Motivated by a rough patch in her personal life, she decided to throw herself into something constructive and started training hard. “After losing 70 lbs, the competition bug bit me,” says Liva. She’s battled it out in every sport you can think of, including marathons, ultra marathons, CrossFit, bikini, figure and relays. “I’ve won third place in figure and placed first in my age group in Tri-Fitness in 2012”, says Liva, adding that Tri-Fitness, a competition that combines the challenge of an obstacle course with the poise of the stage, tops them all.
For all of her successes, Liva admits it hasn’t always been smooth sailing and that it takes the right frame of mind to bring your A-game, plus a balanced lifestyle. “With all the fitness I have been involved in, there have definitely been those moments where I was completely out of balance,” she says. “I am learning what’s truly important in life, and it’s being a light in other people’s lives.”

Photo by Paul Buceta

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