Photo by James Patrick

AGE: 32   LOCATION: Peoria, AZ 
GIG: Nurse Practitioner & Health Coach   FOLLOW HER: @Macro_MINI

Taking cues from her personal journey on the competition stage and the stresses that come with medical school studies, Megan realized just how unbalanced her life had become, and made a commitment to regular workouts and mindful eating, overhauling her entire lifestyle. Once she saw the changes in her own body, she knew she had to share what she’d found with others. “As a coach, I focus on the mental changes as well as physical. We must heal our minds before we can appreciate the external changes.”

“Here I am. Strong, healthy, happy,
and most importantly, balanced.”

In the health and fitness world that’s obsessed with extremes, Megan’s mission is to combat the all-or-nothing mindset with dedicated balance and moderation. Nurse practitioner, nutrition consultant, and owner of Macro MINI, an online fitness and nutrition coaching program, Megan knows that her clients will only see results if they find manageable and sustainable ways to incorporate health into their lifestyles. “Nutrition and fitness were never meant to be 100 percent of your life. I teach women to embrace these aspects as a balanced part of their lives, without the frustration, intimidation, or extremes,” she says. 

Chelsea Clarke
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