Photo by Breonca Trofort

Age: 32   Hometown: Paris, France & Los Angeles, CA
Gig: Personal Trainer   Follow her: @nadege_ndjebayi

For personal trainer Nadege, fitness means encouraging others while finding strength in yourself. “I want to help people stand up for themselves and for others, and empower instead of compete,” she says. Her passion is in educating her clients on not just their lifting technique, but also on how to find their own self-worth. And after breaking out of a lengthy toxic relationship, the fitness icons who inspired her to be unafraid and keep her standards high carved the path she continues to trailblaze now.

“I don’t step on people to make my own way.”

Nadege changed her lifestyle in 2013 when she moved from Paris to Los Angeles, and found herself 75 lbs overweight. Dedicating herself to a healthier way of living, her first footsteps in the gym back then have now evolved into a balanced nutrition plan (which still leaves room for a cookie whenever the hell she feels like it), and training full-body and core almost every day. Nadege recently competed in the IFBB France after just one month of training following a serious car accident. “I wanted to show that women are strong; we can get through anything,” she says. 

Chelsea Clarke
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